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  1. Hi everyone,

    As you have probably been hearing there is a pretty big sod-off security hole in a great deal of servers across the globe called 'Heartbleed'.

    It is a particularly nasty security hole as it was found in the area TLS protocols, which is a the layer used to provide communication security between you and the websites you use.

    Here on Pixelatedphotographer, we are running an OS called Ubuntu 10.04, which is a version of the software that has been found to unaffected by the Heartbleed security issue. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about here.

    Though If you are one of these people who make easy passwords or have passwords that you re-use everywhere, I would seriously encourage you to change your passwords for everything you use. This is a seriously bad security hole and data can be stolen from unpatched sites.

    Kind regards,
  2. You mean I need to stop using Pa$$word for everything???
  3. Damn that was my backup plan....
  4. Swordfish lol

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