Has anyone listened to TWIP recently?

Discussion in 'Photography chatter' started by Ade, May 1, 2016.

  1. Has anyone listened to This Week in Photo (TWIP) recently? I stopped some years ago when every episode was about copyright theft and whether or not it was yet time for pro photogs to go mirrorless.

    I see they have about 8 shows on the network now including a new one on photo apps to be hosted by Joseph Linashcke.

  2. Nope I stopped listening when it just seemed like a bunch of people all trying to sell courses to other photographers
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot about that 3rd standing item on the podcast.
  4. Ditto all the above comments. I listen to The Candid Frame, Film Photography Podcast and Photografia. I used to listen to the Pixelated Photographer podcast, but I think the host died or something.

    A regular podcast on the subject of Photo apps sounds like a goddam nightmare. Find one you like, stick to it, the end. Shortest podcast EVERRRR.
  5. I know. Even worse I thinking is about desktop apps mostly.

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