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Discussion in 'Photography chatter' started by Chris, Aug 27, 2016.

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    Today I was lucky to try this bad boy out in Shinjuku today.

    I've been on the fence about it for a while and was awaiting to actually get hands on with it.

    Randomly there is a proper working version in Tokyo and so I spent about 20 mins with it before going to yet another restaurant...

    Feels good in your hands, especially with the grip, it is a tad heavy though. It certainly is approaching a dslr level of weight but the form factor is similar to the previous version.

    The memory card inside the camera was stuck in, I couldn't tell what it was but I dumped a bunch of raws in quick succession into it without the buffer filling enough for me to complain about. Usually I'm recording the jpgs on a Fuji as well, so probably that would add slowdown.

    AI is great, though it was difficult to check it properly from where I was.

    I've seen people complain about the shutter lag, I call bullshit on that. I don't see much, if any difference to a dslr.

    It now has the focus controller and this is the killer feature for me. I hated the way Fuji did its focus selection, it was down right stupid. This controller just fixed the s*** outta that issue.

    To be honest it feels very canonesque, it certainly borrowed some ideas from the mkiii i think.

    Question is, what lenses should go with it?

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  2. Interesting - not that I'm tempted to upgrade my X-T1 just yet. As for lenses, the 35mm f/1.4 is great but slow to focus. Maybe for the famous Tokyo humidity the 35mm f/2 would be better being weatherproofed.

    The 18-55mm so-called kit lens is also great. If I get round to buying more Fuji lenses though it would be one of the 56mm jobbies. I haven't got a portrait prime yet.
  3. That's a handsome looking beast of a camera. It's good to hear that the buffering lag has gone, it's a real pain on my old X-pro. Is the camera weatherproof? I'd definitely buy another Fuji, even with it's flaws the Xpro is still a delight to use.

    I'm with @Ade, that 56mm f1.2 is very appealing, I know that @Obi Col Kenobi has got one and has taken some lovely shots with it,
  4. I got mine through yesterday morning. It's a lovely bit of kit!


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  5. The 56mm is indeed a stunning lens and a decent all rounder. Being the 85mm equivalent, it's a focal range I feel most comfortable with (great for portraits and candid "fly on the wall" type stuff) and probably the most used when I'm shooting weddings. Also, the 23mm f1.4 is great - having said that, I know that there is a f2.0 weather sealed version out (or coming out). Essentially, that'll turn you xt2 into an updated X100, so might be worth trading that in for that lens.

    I'm toying with the option of trading in my x100 and a few Nikon bits (aside from my Fm2 and a few primes, I just don't use them anymore), and getting an XT2 or Xpro2 as a new main body.

    Looking forward to seeing what you get out the XT2 @Chris! :)
  6. Ooooooohhhhh, lovely
  7. Col which X100 do you have? I could be interested.
  8. It seems like this camera is in super high demand and Fuji can't produce enough of them. I thought I'd give some thoughts from the first couple of days.

    I haven't put it through its paces yet as I've been busy but I have had the chance to try out a few things on it today, and I'm gonna compare it with my main shooter the 5dmkiii as that is what I'm used it.

    The funny thing is that in the short period of time I've had it, I get the shot that's inside my head quicker than I do with the canon. I don't know if it's the color or the settings, I dont know. It has a different look and its just easier to achieve with this camera. One thing for sure is the focusing, I was actually worried about this, but it's better than the canon and the canon is ******* good. Because of the face detection and eye detection its hammering the focus on most shots. I haven't at all mastered how to get the tracking to work on moving objects yet, but from what i'm seeing it can just nail things pretty quickly.

    FPS is the best I've had in a camera with the grip, the manual says 11fps but I've had a few frames more than that on the card I have.
    With the grip you can also charge all the batteries by plugging it into the wall - think about the amount of hassle that takes away!

    Weight wise, the canon is breaking my back with my setup. I usually have the kit f/4 lens, sigma 1.4 32mm and sigma 50mm 1.4, those three lenses and the body alone give me a bad back, and I'm complaining more about back pain than a pregnant woman in the home stretch. So, I decided to see what the actual weight difference is between the kit lenses. now, the focal lengths are massively different and so it's a pointless exercise in the world of the internet, but I was just curious what affect it would have on what I am carting around with me.
    To my surprise, even with a grip and two batteries, it is lighter than the 5dkmiii with one battery and no grip....

    So for me, I like this camera because it literally stole ideas from canon on simple features that make sense. Like the little joystick, it's by far the best part of the 5dmkiii and similarly works great on the xt-2 as well but they even stole it's functionality. Pushing down on the joystick centres the focus point to the centre of frame but on canon this isn't a default thing, it's an option deep in the menus but fuji has made it a main feature. It deserves an over-the-head clap. The way the focus tracking works is also a carbon copy of the 5dmkiii, I wouldn't be surprised if canon's lawyers are having deep conversions in the board room!

    I took it with me to the park today and on the way home on a very drunken evening out, I avoided bringing it out mid- beer but I did use it on the very long walk home afterwards. So here are a few results. All edited on the iphone no LR on these. (pics in next post)

    @Obi Col Kenobi can you answer me this? Obviously I'm DSLR only guy (except x100) since the days of film, so can you explain why the hell the f/2.8 kit lens reduces to f/4 when zoomed in? When zooming back out the aperture returns to f/2.8. While I'm not finding it overly a problem, it does mean you have to recalculate when you are in manual and so your exposure can change based on your zoom level - that's unheard of with DSRLs. So I'm wondering if you know what is going on here. Maybe this is a standard issue with this type of camera and I'm just oblivious to it.
  9. "why the hell the f/2.8 kit lens reduces to f/4 when zoomed in"

    Is that not for the same reason as any variable aperture lens? The "f" number of a lens is just the ratio between the size of the aperture and the focal length of the lens - e.g. for a 50mm lens, f/2 would be a 25mm actual aperture size, but at 100mm that hole needs to be 50mm to maintain an f/2 ratio and let in the same amount of light. If the widest the whole can go is 25mm, at a 100mm focal length that f/2 becomes f/4, or you need blades that can adjust as you zoom and therefore your lens becomes more complicated and expensive to make.

    Most consumer grade lenses are variable aperture.
  10. To be honest, that sounds about right but I haven't ever owned one - I've had many camera brands, all D/SLRs never owned one, and to my shame didn't know that these exist outside of software manipulated environments. I expect on when setting an aperture, I don't expect it to change on a DSLR, in my entire photographic life, i've never encountered it. Learn something new every day huh.

    Feel a complete dumbass for not knowing that but seriously, never ever seen one in my life lol
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  11. A few samples:
    The last one to me is the interesting one, it had covered the dark areas while keeping the brighter areas where the bikes are. I've struggled with a similar look on my other gear but it's not as contrasty or deep as this is.

    Pics are all from the camera, just an exposure tweak in snapseed on the iPhone before sharing

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  12. @Chris, Yeah, what @IainK said. I've never had a zoom lens with my Fujis, but it sounds like what my old Nikon D40 kit lens used to do.

    @Ade it's the standard X100, the very first model (so no T or S fancy business going on here). Been offered £200 in part exchange, so if you're interested, I'd probably sell it for that. Am in two minds though... Like some sort of weird, sentimental loser, I get emotionally attached to my gear...

    All the boxes are in a cupboard, so need to find them, then do a serious stock check on what I need and what I don't, before selling. With the kids and all, I'll probably get this sorted in October... in 2025...!?! :)
  13. @IainK is this generally a nikon thing, because that's one of the main brands I've never owned
  14. Forgot to add these[​IMG]

    (With battery grip)

    And without

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  15. Well, if you only have fancy pants L lenses I guess you wouldn't have had to slum it with variable apertures. Just use aperture priority, problem sorted :)
  16. That is literally the girliest scale I have ever seen.
  17. It's a cheap lens thing. Pretty much all kit and consumer zooms will do it AFAIK.
  18. I have this lens and it is way better than a normal kit lens. Not as good as some of the Fuji primes though.

    On the aperture thing, I tend to shoot it just at f/4. This gives me the constant aperture through the range and is bright enough for most situations give me how good the low light performance is.
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    @Ade Yeah, sorry. Cheap is probably the wrong word to use as you do get inexpensive constant aperture lenses (and expensive variable ones) but they tend to compromise in other areas - maybe they don't have IS or they aren't that fast to begin with.

    It is harder to build constant aperture lenses though, so it tends to be less common to see that feature in lower-end lenses - but that's not to say VA lenses can't be good of course.
  20. Thanks guys, actually I think the lens is very good as a kit lens, it would have been nice for the extra bokeh at zoom at 2.8. But not a killer as I plan to buy a few primes for this camera like I did with the canon

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