Greetings from the (almost) frozen north!

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    Hello again everyone.

    Well it's that time of the year, winter is almost upon us! We have already had a spell of minus temperatures, long enough to freeze a fair bit of the Ounasjoki* that runs through Kittilä had frozen nicely. Hence the ice shots in the latest photo challenge thing.

    We are experiencing a really dry October so far so we haven't had any snow yet but it's not far off now.

    As far as photography goes, well, it's all change for me really. The camera module in my beloved Nokia Lumia 1020 has been crippled by two of the ball bearings coming out of their mount and now it will not focus on anything more than about 60cm away at best, often a lot closer. Great for macro but generally a right royal pain in the arse. I have looked at getting it fixed but I am looking at about €200 for that. So I am bummed out. I can't find a replacement battery for my even older Nokia 808 Pureview. In the end it was easier to talk the wife into getting me a dSLR as a graduation present!

    Although I graduated back at the end of May and it's now the middle of October as usual life has been full of surprises but I can now announce that the camera has been ordered. And at this point @Chris please don't get all annoyed at me for ignoring your incredible advice, but I did not get the Cannon you so heartily recommended. In fact I didn't get a Cannon at all.

    Starting at the end of this month I will be using a Nikon D5200! Yes it only comes with the standard 18-55mm kit lense, yes, I will be getting a low f value 50mm lense as soon as I can but I finally have the chance to start getting to grips with dSLR photography, and I can't wait!

    * Ounasjoki is a river, and in Finnish "joki" means river. But I can't bring myself to write River Ounasjoki as in my head I hear River Ounas-river... Yeah, I know, I am loosing the plot... :angrybird8::confused-88::O_o:
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  2. Oh and I have ordered this twin pack of 16GB SD cards and I already have this tripod from my Nokia days so I hope I am good to go. Oh and I need to get another battery of course!
  3. Good stuff @Gareth J. That Nilon will do you proud.
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