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  1. My interest in photography really started I believe in the 80s when I got my first camera, a hamina 110 (still have it in mint condition and use it)
    My current cameras are a digital canon and in film a Chinon CX and Agfa medium format. I have started refurbishing old SLR s from the 60s to the very early 70s which I view as the golden analogue age for SLRs which Ii view as the ultimate film camera to learn photography and capture images.
    I am focusing on the entry level SLR like Praktica really to make sure these cameras are affordable and still work for future generations of photographers.
  2. Hi, welcome to the forums! Sounds from your description that you will be right at home here!
  3. Thank you for the welcome
  4. great to have someone with your knowledge on the forums, welcome sifarell!
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