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Discussion in 'Critique my photographs' started by Liam, May 31, 2013.

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  2. The first one looks quite idyllic, especially like the composition.
    The second one has good DOF, but she could have brushed her hair, though at least all the stray hairs show how well it's focussed I suppose.
    Number three looks very familiar!
    Who could not like number four? Clearly a difficult exposure problem and I would have liked to see the composition more centered, though there's a limit to how much you can shout "No, the middle of the bloody path" to a child that young.
    The flag one just makes me wonder what's underneath them.
    I see what you were getting at with the final shot, shame the edges of the building are clipped off. Again, difficult exposure, but quite well handled. With unclipped edges, I would have messed about endlessly in PS with that one.
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  3. Yeah number 4 is easily my favourite. I quite like the fact the boy isn't dead centre - the random nature of a toddler on a bke, carefully screwing with the order of a carefully manicured garden!

    I like number 1 too, although I'd probably do away with the bit of land on the horizon to put more emphasis on the isolation of the tree. All in all though, they're all nice photos and bokeh on the second shot I find rather lovely. Nice to see you back shooting again too :)
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