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  1. Ok I seem to be getting back into doing weddings again recently as a second shooter. I’m still rocking my 60D and using my old 450D as a backup, plus I hate changing lenses so only do so twice throughout the day. I’ll do the pre ceremony stuff mainly with my Sigma 17-50 on the 60D, then switch to using my Sigma 50-150 through the ceremony, outside stuff, speeches and then finally swapping back to the 17-50 for the first dance. The other lens is always on the 450D just in case I need a shot there and then but I usually come away with only around 50 images on the 450D and 300-500 on the 60D.
    One issue I have come across is the fact that I can’t shoot wide, not nearly as wide as I would like. Last week I set up a dress shot in a room that was brilliant (hooked on the back of a great looking wooden door, nice stylish wallpaper, I even set the bedside light just so) but I just couldn’t get wide enough. My mate then came into the room and with his 6D and 17-40 easily got the shot I wanted.
    Since looking into it I have discovered that my Sigma 17-50 is the equivalent of around 25-75mm on a full frame body. Up until now I’ve always been happy enough with crop bodies and have then always bought lenses for APS-S sensors but as I could do with replacing my aging 450D should I be looking at another 60D/70D (not sure I would need the 80D for the price difference) and getting a wider angles lens such as a 10-20 or should I consider a full frame body and pick up something like a 17-40 and then over time replace my current lenses with ones that could be used on either.
    The first option would mean I can use all my lenses with either body but I would probably then have 3 lenses to carry each time or the second option would mean I could keep using the 50-150 (equivalent to 70-200 on full frame) on the 60D and only have a single new lens to use on the new body.
    This is all hypothetical at the moment as I don’t actually have the money to invest but I would like to figure out my options ahead of time.
    What is everyone’s thoughts???

    ps I had been considering a 10-20 lens in the past as I would like to do much wider landscape stuff but didn't think I could justify it.
  2. There is a new(ish) canon 10-18 on ef-s which is by all accounts a very good lens and you can pick it up for about 180 new, just to give you an option on the wide side of things that isn't insanely expensive. I'm tempted to replace my battered Tamron 10-24 with it. You can also pick up 5d mk1s and 2s pretty reasonably these days, and they are still more than capable cameras so the cost may not be as prohibitive as you might think, but then again you will need to spend the same again on a lens or 2.

    Personally, I've always felt that as long as you know the capabilities and limitations of your kit you can always work with/around them in most cases. Plus, would a super wide really be all that useful for weddings? Portraits with wide lenses aren't flattering, and unless you are dealing with tiny rooms 25mm is still pretty wide in the grand scheme of things, certainly enough for all but teeny tiny rooms. You could also rent lenses or just borrow lenses if you find you need something you don't have from time to time.
  3. A few good points there which I'll consider.

    The wide for weddings is mainly for things like details (the dress, rings, shoes etc), group shots (ie everyone attending the wedding) and maybe first dance depending on the venue. All stuff that isn't portraiture really and other than that it wouldn't really be used.

    *goes to check out that 10-18 lens*

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  4. What about the Samyang 12mm? It's manual focus, but at just over 200 quid it's a cheap way to get a focal length you don't use all that much/ @Ade likes his a whole lot.
  5. I'm listening....
  6. I think it depends massively on the shot. For the wedding I looked up common lenses and the typical theme is that putting a wide angle lens near someone is generally a bad Ideal and while I understand that, I really do think it depends on how you shoot, where you are shooting and how careful you are not to get too close to people with that lens on. To be honest, I wish I had something a tad wider than the 24 for more environmental portraiture. But would mean lugging a lens around all day for perhaps one shot that may or may not be worth it.
  7. I do like mine a lot! I have the Fuji version but only the mount is different. Two things to consider...

    1. Manual focus only - possibly not an issue if you are shooting objects rather than people. And for a first dance you can easily hyperfocal as it is so wide the DOF is immense.

    2. No electronic connection to the camera. My Fuji just measures the light and sets ISO/shutter speed depending on the light coming in. Some older cameras can't auto-expose though if they can't talk to the lens.

    Other than that it's great!

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