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  1. Fossils; F yeah!

    Does anyone else on here enjoy a spot of hunting?
  2. I would love to, my oldest got quite into them last year but I am geographically poorly positioned and have zero time.
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    I used to love school trips to my local South Wales coast for fossil hunting. Loads of Jurassic stuff around Llantwit Major, Lavernock and Southerndown. Only a few weeks ago a local lad found a complete 7 foot Ichthyosaur in Penarth ... I don't know him, but I hate him.
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  4. I too have childhood memories of struggling in mud at low tide on the River Severn. Not sure I ever got anything other than trilobites though. Apart from the time I got a complete skeleton of a Doyouthinkhesaurus ;)
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    yup, pretty much the only place on the map without much action -
  6. Thanks Rob, I've only been to Charmouth, but South Wales is heaven on earth to me, great to know I can do a spot of Jurassic fossil hunting around there. Probably some good bassing too, many birds with one stone.

    7 foot Ichthyosaur is a find of a lifetime, nice that it was from a local.

    +1 for the hatred.
  7. River Severn!

    Ive been cod fishing at Laydee bay and it was pretty mental. I think as a fossil location it would be a little hairy.

    Thanks for the joke, I thought that one died out 65 million years ago!
  8. Charmouth fossil hunt-2.jpg

    This was a find from last weeks trip to Charmouth.
    Time to whack it around a little bit back at HQ.

    If it's not totally obvious I am very new to this fossil game, infact ive only been twice. Plenty more trips this year on the cards though, its helluva fun.
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  9. Looking at that map, Aust is the top of the list for Gloucestershire, right where I used to go!

    At the National History museum they sell powdered "rocks" with plastic dinosaurs in. My boy had one and it took us ages to hammer it out.
  10. Hot damn, I lived by Aust as a lad and used to cycle there at times.
    This fossil fascination has got me annoyingly late in life.

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