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  1. Maybe a longshot but anyone else running the iOS Flickr app on an iPhone 4S? If so are you still able to upload images or does the app crash every single f***ing time?

    This started happening to me a while ago before the last update, if I edited the image in any way it would crash everytime. But if I didn't change a thing I could upload bit it often still took 2-3 attempts to get it to work between crashes. Since the update I simply cannot upload at all, the first image worked fine but every single one since will not work at all. Now I know other folks running the app on iPhone 5's so I'm putting this down to a handset issue and just wondered if anyone else had found the same.

    Also I have been unable to log in to the app at all via my usual Gmail account, read online this this seems to be an issue for most users with gmail sign-ins so I had to create a Yahoo mailbox just to get access in the app. Seems like Yahoo are doing their best to screw themselves again.
  2. I use FlickStackr and have done for a couple of years now. It is quite powerful in what it can do these days and a worthy alternative if you continue to get trouble with the official app. You shouldn't have any trouble on a 4S as I still have a 4 and it works well for me.
  3. Thanks I'll check it out. Have heard of other folks using other 3rd party apps rather than the official one, so looks like I'll have to go down this route too.
  4. Yeah I'm another one using flickrstackr too - I really don't understand the obsession with the flickr app..I think it's crap!
  5. I can't say I use flickr half as much as a I should but I do have the official flickr app, but tend to use FlickStackr instead. I also have flickr studio on the iPad which is pretty good too.
  6. I use FlickStackr as well and ive had no problems with it what so ever,there always seems to be a constant flow of updates
  7. Funnily enough I went back to trying to use the Flickr app again and weirdly it worked - kinda

    I say kinda as it didn't crash and I actually managed to upload a photo, it then failed to upload the next photo 3 times (but again it didn't crash). I will check out FlickStackr....

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