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    Cornish coast 1.jpg

    Hi is this worth printing please? Thanks :)
  2. That's a nice shot. Photos are always worth printing I'd say. They take on a whole different side to them when they're something physical you can hold in your hand, so yeah go for it.

    One thing to bear in mind though, shots like this that are pretty high contrast can be difficult for printers and labs to reproduce it as it looks on screen, so it may end up looking a little dark. There's a lot of trial and error with printing and finding settings in your post processing that work on screen, as well as in print so experiment and have fun!
  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. It's not for us to judge if it is print-worthy (don't you just hate cryptic answers haha). Printing is something that is advised to most photographers to help them critique their own work.

    As a print professional, I can say that probably the sun itself will get a muddy look when printed on certain paper, so tests are certainly needed to find the right print and tones. Looking at the sea, it looks like there has some sharpening added to the pic, right? Also cropped from a larger picture? So consider these things when having it printed too.
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  4. Thanks very much, this seems like a nice website.
  5. I totally agree with Andy, photos are always worth printing... So much doesn't get printed these days and I think it is a nice treat do print a few out and put them in a frame now and then and swap them around every few weeks. Always makes me smile when I walk by one of my photos in a frame hanging up or whatever.

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  6. If you are printing (and do, do!) I'd recommend using a proper lab like print space or ds colour labs rather than boots etc. More expensive but really, it's worth it. If you want to really get deep into it you can start thinking about colour management and profiles etc, but just depends on how obsessive you are. I'm very obsessive...Just remember that what you see on the screen is not necessarily what you will get on paper.
  7. I used Boots once, never again. They printed one image at an unusual angle that I couldn't get a mount to fit it. In the end I made one myself. I now go to my local Fuji store.
  8. I've clearly been listening to @Chris too much but is it just me or is the horizon not completely level? I see it sloping down from right to left slightly. If you use Lightroom or something similar its worth checking before you print it - nothing worse than always moving a print on a wall to get the horizon level then to notice that the frame now slights slightly off.
  9. Hi I don't stand straight because I have a wonky back. But I see what you mean :)
  10. I've got a habit of always shooting off at a slight angle and after correcting 500-700 images from a wedding a couple of weeks back I seem to still be on the lookout for it lol
  11. Maybe you should stick a weight on the bottom of your camera to compensate?
  12. No thanks, carrying around both a 60D (with battery grip and Sigma 50-150 f2.8) and 450D (with battery grip, Canon 430EXII and Sigma 17-50 f2.8) all day for a wedding is bad enough thanks

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