First attempt at Spot colour

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  1. I know that I'm not a great one for photoshop technique, and also I have been a touch critical of spot colour in the past (in fairness, only because it's ALWAYS gross), so I decided to try my hand at it, using only the most delicate of touches...

    [​IMG]Real basic spot colouring by Graeme Jago, on Flickr

    So what I did was slap a picture I took on expired Agfa colour film with my mju zoom over a pinhole picture I took on old black and white film of the same thing at the same place at the same time but at different focal lengths. If you look closely you can just about see where one picture meets the other.
  2. You lost me at mju... You're holding colour film over.... argghhh wat? I don't get it.
  3. I really don't know what to say about this. It is making me chuckle and then ponder and then frown and then chuckle again. I have never considered pylons as being colourful before.

    So once again, your art has pushed my boundaries :) and for that I thank you!
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