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  1. I've done loads of assignments, lots of commercial shoots but the only thing I hadn't done was to photograph a wedding.

    So two weeks ago I travelled up to northern Japan in an area very close to were the tsunami hit in 2011 - to a place that was as remote as you can imagine and impossible to scout beforehand - even google maps didn't have mapping data for that area in high res.

    The bride and groom were getting married on a small boat, travelling down a river in a gorge. So it was near to impossible to know how to shoot the wedding. It was somewhat run and gun. I talked to the boat operator to get as much info as I could.

    During the wedding the the local news station appeared on news of the wedding and tried to piss me off by getting into every single bloody shot that I had - they even hired a boat to go alongside our boat. It was very intrusive and I had to quietly tell them to **** off (Japanese people don't like confrontation). They had even had a girl sneak onto the boat to film it - and she took the prime spot for photographing the couple. At first I though she was hired by the bride and groom but I realised that she wasn't and then put my back to her - I imagine she had mostly video of my back after this point.

    After the wedding they then interviewed the bride and groom, taking time away from them but it's hard to say no in that situation.

    We then did an impromptu group session that wasn't planned but it turned out that not everyone could make the planned one. It wasn't the best location but I made the most of it. It was either a patchy hedge which is where the owners said 'everyone did' into direct sunlight so I rejected that turned everyone around and shot with a mountain in the background including some bad pylons which I'm going to have to edit out later.

    We then all mini bused to where the group shot (30 people) was to be taken, it was a giant park and so the only thing there was cherry blossom trees - I went straight for it but the older folks in the party couldn't walk far, so I was a little limited. I took the shots we needed and then I was supposed to have about an hour with the bride and groom but because the entire thing got delayed I had about 15 minutes to get the shots I needed while the entire party waited for us to finish in the mini bus (nothing like a bit of added pressure eh? ;) ). I had to think super fast and go to what I know which is studio photography and decided to make the garden my studio. I took standard available light shots and then shots using a shoot through umbrella. Seeing the sun was setting I pushed and pulled the flash power and the ambient light around to give me different results. Pushed some light into the trees as well to highlight them too. In the time we got there to the time we left, the sun was all but gone. RUSH!

    In the evening I then shot the party as well in a typical Japanese room, which if you have never seen, is usually orange - the colour cast is seriously hard to get rid of.

    All in all it was a great experience - I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was great meeting so many happy people and hearing their stories and photographing them throughout the day. Though I know this type is not my strong point, I'm probably more inclined to do pre-weddings. But I sure did enjoy it (except for carrying gear to northern Japan - that hurt.

    Pictures are currently with the bride and groom - I'll post a few once they have started sharing them.
  2. Sounds like it all works out ok in the end.

    I never thought I'd like doing weddings as being an outsider I thought it would feel weird but so far I have always been made to feel welcome and to enjoy someone elses day - as much as you can enjoy it whilst your working. Got to say I much prefer being the second shooter though as there's a lot less pressure to ensure you have everything covered. Plus that way I can capture all the moments when people aren't paying attention to the cameras, I think these shots are valued just as much by the couple to remember the day as the ones they're likely to print/frame etc.

    Will be good to see what you got though....
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  3. Whoah, big day! Well done mate for even surviving! It's more pressure than I would ever look for and I'm glad I'm an amateur.

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  4. Well that all sounds completely insane. The fact that you came away feeling positive, rather than freaked out by the whole experience is a very good sign that you've got what it takes I'd have been rocking backwards and forwards in a corner within the first half hour.

    Really great to see your skills expand and your business opportunities growing, it's all very exciting, you need to podcast this stuff out to the waiting world!
  5. nothing like jumping in at the deep end on your first wedding. the rest will seam tame to that one lol
  6. Nice! Congrats! I hate weddings, but they can be fun to do in terms of being challenging and hectic all at the same time! lol Sounds like you had a great one for the first time! Can't wait to see some pics, but I am sure they turned out great....
  7. Just thought I'd share this interesting shot. I saw this guy during the wedding. I had to take a picture of his jacket...
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  8. Classy, you should get yourself one of those - I bet he gets a lot of work from it for both his carpentry and photo artistry.
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  9. I could use video game nerd and photographer
    Porn evangelist and photographer

    The choices are endless!!
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  10. Here's a few shots from the last wedding shoot. Will post more next time I'm at the computer


  11. I love that second one!

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  12. Beautiful shots, I love the colour tones, really distinctive, romantic and warm. I bet they were delighted.

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  13. Thanks guys. I think they were pretty happy with them
  14. Thanks mate! Still getting it into my head but I feel I'm getting there slowly!

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