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    I was asked a while ago if I'd shoot some corsets for a local designer. so a couple of weeks ago we looked for some studio space for our "clone" idea. sadly places we wanted to use were booked up and others either were to small or to expensive. so we ended up at the designers house and used the bathroom covered in plastic sheets so it looked like something from dexter i think we used about 100 foot of sheeting.

    so the idea was to have the model be a clone and then be the evil mistress that created the clones from/of her

    lighting for the clones was pretty easy a single speedlight in a softbox to camera right with help from the window then cloned together in photoshop

    for the mistress i used two speedlights in softboxes either side and quite close to the model to give it a more dramatic look or at least to make her stand out a bit more.



    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    a massive credit goes to:
    Anastasija the MUA
    Gore-corture (for asking me to shoot)
    and an extra link her blog post on this.

    any questions ask away :)
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  2. I had to go to the linked sites to see the images but hey look great. The clones are almost scary with the blank faces!

    Good work!
  3. thanks i thought they images linked :(
  4. *bump* *edit* hopefully the images should work now.
  5. Cor (set) blimey they are some good shots. Great job!
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