Film Photography Survival Kit

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  1. So I'm going to blow the slowly forming dust of this forum and start a new thread.

    Altoids tins have millions of uses, from pin hole cameras to pocket amplifiers, carrying mints to survival kits. These humble tins have so much potential.

    I have been looking into urban survival tins and their contents including,
    - Tape
    - Change
    - Bandaids
    - Pen
    - Paperclip
    Useful items that you wouldn't think to carry until you need them. So what items have you needed in a pinch and not had, what items do you carry when you are out shooting, and what would you thing would be useful items to carry.
    Once I finish this kit i would be more than happy to share the contents for those who wish to build one themselves.
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  2. Good call dude!

    A small knife, even better a small pair of scissors, a clear plastic food bag, lens cloth, electrical tape for sure, emergency roll of film, small torch, post-it notes, some string - I might need a bigger tin :)
  3. I don't think walking around with a biscuit tin full of goodies is in the spirit of what I'm going for. sadly a roll of 135 film wont fit in an Altoids tin :( maybe a 120 roll will though.

    so far i have a small list of things that i would think are the essential, how ever it is still very early days of planning so things are bound to change.

    - Gaffers tape
    - Electrical tape
    - Energizer 357/303 (k1000 meter battery)
    - $5 note
    - $2 coin
    - Zip ties
    - Mini Victorinox knife
    - Led Lenser k2 flashlight

    I will keep updating as the kit slowly gets fleshed out.
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  4. How about modifying the tin to accept a tripod mount bolt and a buff or beanie hat to make a camera support. Also some of that plastic foil which is used for survival shelter as a reflector. It is usually silver but I've seen it in gold too.

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