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  1. As many of you guys do, I've got a photo page up on Facebook. It's something that I've looked at very carefully, tracked things, tried advertising (which I did an entire podcast on a few years back) but I've noticed something of a weird trend.

    Obviously, the more likes you have, the more views your images are gonna get by being put in front of other people.
    Now, I have a mix of pictures from city stuff to portraits, and I have noticed in the last month or so the page views is changed dependant on the content I'm posting.

    So I know that there are less people interested in my model shots than the landscapes, but I've noticed that the amount of initial views to the model ones are super super low. Similarly, if I reshare someone else's post it gets like 10 views. But if I put a landscape image up, the views hit 50 in a few seconds and then carries it on to the hundreds or if I'm lucky the thousands.

    I think Facebook is doing facial recognition, they assumes that is not what people follow me for and downgrades it.

    I listen to a lot of podcasts, and many are rating Facebook as a bad way to push your business these days as the algorithm is so random you can't guarantee views unless you pay for it.

    I'm interested to see what other people have found? Are you guys still having success using Facebook?
  2. I've given up with facebook, literally the only reason I haven't shut my business page down on there is because I still have business cards with the address on them. Once they've gone, FB is gone. If you look at your personal stream you might start to see why I think it's completely useless - practically every post on there is an advert, either generated off something I might have thought about buying on amazon 6 months ago or because a friend of a friend of a friend likes something else. It's just noise.
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  3. I stick stuff up on my GE page when the whim suits me to share it more broadly with friends and family who don't use things like flickr, which is 99% of them. I could put them on my personal page but I prefer to let people choose whether they want to see that kind of stuff, and I rarely use my personal page.

    I'm not using it for promotional purposes, purely as an outlet for things I want to be seen by more than just me. It is a fun thing when you share something and it gets a lot of views though, relatively speaking. As a gamer, seeing a number get higher is reward enough for me.

    I have found that random bits and pieces rarely attract attention, but the last couple of sets from flickr I've shared have got a (for me) decent number of views.

    In short, it's fine. I wouldn't want to use it as a sole or even substantial source of advertising, but as an easy to use, and potentially free way to share things with a userbase that is not plugged into other social media, you have little to lose. My neighbour manages a local fishery. They created a facebook page last year and expected zero interest, because why would you? Apparently it's been hugely popular and has helped drive business, which probably goes to show something.
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  4. As a Facebook objector this is not something I experience but I would seriously think of moving on of this happened to me.
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  5. As for Pixelated Photographer's facebook page - the views are terrible. Super super low, it's like it has been downgraded and classed as unimportant. 73 views with a following of 200:

    Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 7.49.25 AM.png

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