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  1. Exciting stuff! That first shot looks good. Were you panning or is it PS?
  2. I helped it in pshop but all the shots I mostly took were with dragging the shutter to show speed. It's easy to slap on a high shutter and capture it, but it pretty much looks like the car is parked. For example:

    Both images are at 200mm
    iso 400. 1/200sec f/16 with a little panning

    The second pic is 1/40sec, ISO 125. f/16 and a lot of panning
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  3. Clear difference! One of our Oxford chums took a panning shot of a cyclist which was pretty much my favourite shot of the day.
  4. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1443875339.386306.jpg
    Taken on the iPhone. Processing with snapseed and Instagram
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  5. Definitely like he iPhone one. Sometimes, if you get the processing just right, you can really ditch the detail in favour of the atmosphere of the place. I think shot does that.
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