Episode 21: Faking your vacation!

Discussion in 'Pixelated Photographer Podcast' started by Chris, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. In this week’s episode Chris invites forum member Iain Kay onto the show.

    Plenty of film talk with Setting up home darkroom and caffinol experiments. Digital talk as with making your own music video and doing your own gallery show. Chris went to Guam and came back with zero pictures, but has been shooting a lot indoors.

    Want to join the fun? Same day, same time, take a picture! To find post your pictures go here;
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  2. A podcast you say? I'll have a listen!
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  3. By the by, I'm aware I call Craig Graham for some unfathomable reason near the start. I can only apologise like the tw*t I am.
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  4. A beautiful crafted episode, thank you chaps! And timed to perfection to match the length of my weekly 120 mile commute to Coventry .

    Glad to know I beat Iain by only one vote on a competition. I too am not above voting for myself :) Although I never vote for just myself so I probably voted for Iain in that one as well :x3:
  5. Yeah, I probably should mention that I will always vote for someone else in addition to any sneeky self-votes, least people think I'm a totally self-absorbed wanker.

    Well, at least for that reason anyway.
  6. If you vote with your left hand, is it like some else is doing it then? :rolleyes-83:
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  7. great podcast sat giggling to @IainK 's laugh through out it lol

    I'd love to have a go at this pod casting lark, but i hate my own voice and i'd put @moroseduck to shame with all my swearing, and i doubt i'd have anything to talk about apart from winding up brides mothers at weddings lol
  8. I really enjoyed it. I'm used to the sound of my own stupid voice because of my music production hobby, but it's hard to get over that initial "oh god is that what I really sound like?" shock.
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  9. Weirdly I always seem to get called Graeme if someone uses the wrong name, which is my dads name.

    I got around an hour into it this morning and I'm strangely enjoying it, that's all I shall say for now...
  10. ******* awesome podcast gents, It made my tedious morning at work 100% more delightful.

    Iain, you did a top hosting job. You clearly have never even been to Scotland, and I'm really not sure why you continue to perpertrate that falsehood, I'm afraid chucking in the occasional half arsed "Aye" or "Aboot" does nothing to fool us. Also, I love your laugh. It goes perfectly with your running.

    Regarding your accusations that I chose the picture for the assignment purely so that I could make drop a pun, I am most offended. I am not in the habit of punning, and your claims that I am are virgin on the ridiculous, and holy inappropriate.
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  11. Aye, cracking podcast, thanks chaps.

    @IainK - outstanding work producing some Caffenol from the bag of bugle I sent you.

    @Chris - exciting news that you are eyeing up some film cameras, Yashica RFs FTW!

    Indeed it has inspired me to start a thread about my recent venture into Japanese eBay.
  12. The accent didn't convince me either, dubious of heritage I will test the Scootishness by developing the film he kindly sent me with Buckfast.
    It is in the wash stage now, time will tell.
  13. Buckenol?
  14. Bucky is a West Coast thing, @IainK and myself are above that being on the East Coast ;)
  15. Use Yahoo auction. Nobody uses ebay here. http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/
  16. Yeah that what I meant by Japanese eBay.
    The problem is most sellers on yahoo auctions will not post outside of Japan.
    So you need to go through a 3rd party, such as www.jauce.com
  17. Cheers for the nice comments and the rest of you meanies can suck it.

    I didn't get the joblot of filters. Boo.
  18. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I think @IainK did a great job as podcast host!

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