episode 20: Doughnuts

Discussion in 'Pixelated Photographer Podcast' started by Chris, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Episode 20 is up - details are on the front page.

    This is the area to discuss the episode
  2. Can we see the image of the kids and the burning cars please? :)
  3. i want to see the death tree
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  4. Check out the post Chris put up on the front page for links to all of the magical things we talked about. They will enrich your life beyond measure
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  5. Ooooh! You didn't say you can buy a canvas on pixoto!

    *fetches wallet*
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  6. Did I get a name check for the pixoto segment? If I haven't already taken back that recommendation, please don't invoice me for your time lost to pixoto :whistling:

    Great podcast though :)

    I have the McNally Hotshoe Diaries myself. Really good book. I don't have any doughnuts though.
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  7. Named and shamed lol

    For those interested in koken. I'm currently testing it at my blog www.chrisgilloch.com
    One thing I did notice was that if you have a shitty server, it gets slow. I have my website and this website on an ssd-based server in the US, so it's not too noticeable. But I think if your on a shared service like godaddy, you'll have headaches with load time
  8. While editing this podcast I suffered an immense amount of guilt in posting those links and taking the piss out of them. I should technically be on the fence of other people's work. As much as I almost coughed my coffee over the keyboard at seeing it, I'll probably not be so vocal next time
  9. Nah, if you put your work online it's fair game.
  10. Sod it, your podcast your rules

    Oh and do you mean you don't have your kid out working already???
  11. Just finished listening to the episode. Top fun.
  12. woo hoo! name checked.

    Does it count as a shout out if you're excluded? I'm going to go ahead and say yes.
  13. Super podcast fellas. I bought my brother one of those konstructor kits a couple of years ago and never seen any shots from it. Maybe I know why now!! He's too polite to tell me it was a crock of s**t!
  14. I got the Lomo Recesky TLR and the results were pretty poor. Lucked out a few times, but @moroseduck is right - if it had been my first experience with film photography, I would not've been impressed! :)

    Also, gotta say, @moroseduck, good luck with the Cosmic 35. I shot a roll in one of those last year and when it came to winding the film back, the innards fell apart on me!

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