Episode 19: Shooting Duck!

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  1. 2 minutes in and our first f-bomb. This is going to be awesome. F**king arsing bloody awesome.

    3 minutes in and we're in double figures!
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  2. Hi guys, great to hear the latest podcast especially the discussion the X-Pro1. The guy opposite me in work has just recently got one (on the same £900 mega-bargain moroseduck mentioned!) which I have been drooling over. Unfortunately my budget only stretched to the fuji X20 to provide me with a ‘carry everywhere camera.’
    Quite pathetically I got over excited to get a mention on the podcast which prompted me to go back and look at the photos you mentioned. Thought I better explain; the ludicrously green tree was from a ludicrously large green light at a night-time-light-up-the-local-forest-event-type-thing and the bridge is a permanently lit up footbridge in Glasgow. The Scots must be afraid of the dark.
    Thank goodness for the explicit warning!
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  3. I like to feel that the cursing was a lovely pair of bookends to the podcast, with a polite middle bit. You can cut out the the first and last five minutes and it's all very radio 4. Or just cut out the middle bit and it's a brief glimpse into the world of insanity and tourettes.
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  4. that reminds me i've still got film use and get developed.
  5. Great job guys ! I truely couldnt wait to finish work today to have a listen to the latest podcast. Ive got a film camera hiding in the cupboard under the stairs and havent touched it in a fair while so might have to dig it out soon as all ive had for the last few weeks is photography issues with my canon :-( maybe as i am still learning how to use it but either way its ended up back at the shop getting fixed .
    Oh and thankyou for the little mention about my 'pink' entry ^_^ and the name is pronounced 'law-zi' but great effort :)
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  6. Good show guys! Though, I am slightly worried now that any of my lenses could be radioactive. :-/
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  8. Only half way through it so far (my bus commute isn't that long) and all I'll say is Battery Grips for the win :thumbsup:

    @moroseduck complains about battery power, this is one reason that I always have a battery grip - 2x the battery power. I also find it balances the camera, with kit lenses this is not an issue but add a big 2.8 lens and the extra weight from the grip is very much welcome as it balances the camera better
  9. The chatter about the x-pro made me have a closer look at them. Unfortunately wayyyyy out of my price range at the moment, but I was thinking the other day the one thing I do lack in my camera bag is a decent pocket sized digital camera just to keep in my bag for opportunistic shooting when I don't have the dslr on me.

    I do have a wee olympus tough thing which is very rugged but the picture out of it aren't the best. I used to have a fuji compact which was a brilliant thing which I managed to slam onto a rock unfortunately. So, any recommendations? A reasonably fast lens, being able to shoot raw and being <£200 would be the criteria.
  10. True but is there really a need to keep it on all the time unless you want to show people you have really big camera? I lugged my tripod and camera with the battery pack up a mounting once, it was the worst decision I ever made. Having the battery pack certainly didn't aid my pictures in any way
  11. Well yes cause I keep the battery compartment cover/lid thingy in the box in the loft so everytime I take the grip off I would need to go in the loft to get the battery cover and put that back on. I believe Nikkons are much easier for this as you don't need to remove the cover???

    Plus I keep QR plates on the bottom of each camera battery grip and can't be arsed removing this each time I take the grip off and reattaching to the camera body itself. So in essence I'm a lazy bugger ;-)
  12. Love the new episode, keep them coming!

    @IainK not quite hitting your price range but the Fuji X20 is a great pocket camera. A different beast from the X100 I sold to get it but way smaller!
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  13. You know the battery compartment lid snaps onto the inside of grip, right?
  14. Great podcast guys!
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  15. *goes to check*

    Do you mean the official ones or all?
  16. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1395404721.046500.jpg
    @Batty79 Not sure of non official ones but the one I have is kinda inline
  17. Hmm I might check - although being honest I prefer having the grip on at all times, the camera just feels better in my big man hands :thumbsup:
  18. Tell the truth, you think it makes you look more pro, dontcha?
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  19. Yeah, it looks like a nice wee thing. Hmmm.

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