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  1. While not totally about photography, we know many people have websites to hold their photography portfolio etc so seeing that having web hosting is a complete minefield we have decided to talk about it on the next show.

    Please post your questions here.
  2. How would someone go about doing that?
    Like setting up the website and other related things
  3. The one we all hate. How to best increase your search engine ranking!!!
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  4. Are we talking the likes of Smugmug here?
  5. I'm guessing it's the Smugmug news that has promted this being the topic - Adam is still pissed about it.
  6. Seeing as I went down the route of creating a website last year (after getting advice from folks on here) and recently revamped it (changed it from being a blog site to a portfolio site with a blog on the side), how would you guys suggest then using it for marketing?

    And what other methods would you suggest to getting your name out there (other than Search Engine Rankings or social media)?
  7. Smugmug news?
  8. Ahh, just found it, pretty serious price increases. I was thinking of upgrading from Zenfolio to Smugmug this year, but they've just priced themselves right out of the running. That said, this is just a hobby for me, not a revenue stream.

    Zenfolio is simpler (and a damn sight cheaper) for a technophobe like me, I had my site up and running in just a couple of hours - and I'm a total IT muppet. This is my second year with them and I've found them very helpfull and no outages to speak of. I use them mainly for storage but have sold stuff from there. UK based printing is now included, looks perfectly good to my eye and has always been next day delivery.
    Some might argue that they are basic compared to Smugmug, but that suits me fine..................until I see something I like better.

    Take a look, maybe not as pretty as Smugmug, but I usually go for the minimalist option:

  9. My guess is we will probably touch on things like SmugMug/Zenfolio as well as creating a site for blogging or just displaying your work..
  10. Oh I hadn't heard of them before, will check them out. I too had been looking to maybe sign up at Smugmug sometime in the future if I ever get to the point of selling prints but I just can't justify their prices (especially if wanting to be able to set your own prices).

    Should I be able to view your pics without registering first?
  11. Yes, you should be able to view anything except a couple of galleries that I've password protected as they contain family shots and stuff I'm doing for other people. You can also set prices yourself if interested in selling.

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