Ep. 27: Rampant Remjet and it's Evils

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  1. [​IMG]Kodak Vision 50D by Graeme Jago, on Flickr

    In this episode Graeme reports back on his fun shooting and developing Kodak Vision Cinefilm, there's an update on preparation for their projects, and Ade seeks the listeners help choosing a new lens. All this, and the unveiling of a new Award ceremony!



    Awesome show notes as ever entirely thanks to @billowens!

    Kodak Vision 50D and 250D at Nik and Trick: http://ntphotoworks.com/shop/product-category/rare-colour-films/

    Graeme’s mysterious sprocket hole ghosts:



    Hardcore technical information about Kodak process ECN-2 and rem-jet removal:


    (including their formula for rem-jet removal solution)

    Zenit 12XP: https://www.lomography.com/magazine/145339-the-russian-tank-zenit-12xp

    Moment iPhone lenses: https://momentlens.co/

    Ade’s choices for best super wide for Nikon 35mm - help please.

    • 20mm f/2.8 AF-D which he used to own but didn’t like

    • Samyang 16mm but very varied reports

    • Nikon 18-35mm f/3.5-4.6 AF-D is very affordable and compact

    • Voigtlander Colour Skopar 20mm f/3.5

    Maybe a Tamron Adaptall 17mm f/3.5? http://www.adaptall-2.com/lenses/51B.html

    Or the Samyang 18-28mm f/4-4.5? They’re quite inexpensive for Nikon and other mounts.

    The Sunnies 2016 awards!

    #TheSunnies entries by …

    We will post in Instagram for each award and please comment with your entries for the award:

    1. Film of the Year (that’s photographic film stock, not your favorite movie)

    2. New analogue photography thing of the year

    3. Best non-photography thing that you can use for photography of the year

    4. Sunny 16 Camera of the year

    5. Best lomographic ploy of the year

    Shout ATS!

    Corey Cannon has a picture in the book...

    @chrisgilloch - tweeting that he has “accidentally” recorded a podcast - look for ‘Pixelated Photographer’

    Ken Hindle-May on Flickr has posted to our group

    (and is also at http://instagram.com/therutlandflyer)

    Maddy’s edited chicken: https://flic.kr/p/PMP7oh

    Bill’s sprocket panorama: https://flic.kr/p/PMJURC

    And Pen diptych: https://flic.kr/p/PH6byZ

    Alex Ward’s far-too-glamorous selfie: https://flic.kr/p/PG9MEr
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  2. The sprocket holes is something I've seen before. I think it's due to over-vigorous agitation - the developer surges through the sprockets and creates hotspots on the film.
  3. Yeah I think that is why they always suggest gentle agitation
  4. @IainK @Chris So are you saying that maybe I shouldn't be doing my impersonation of Tom Cruise in Cocktail with the developing tank?
  5. Think giving a chilled out cat a nice pat rather than trying to antagonise a yappy dog.
  6. Stirred and not shaken

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