Ep. 24: Present tense

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    In this episode Ade has been getting creative with his Instax camera, and has some exciting new plans for his project. Also as the nights draw in the boys have a timely chat about what to get the photographer in your life for Christmas (hint hint)

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    Legendary show notes courtesy of the mighty @billowens !

    Ade’s nighttime Instax:

    Chris’ train station long exposure:

    … and time lapse sign:

    Graeme can see his Lubitel TLR screen clearly because the viewing lens is focused on the screen, and if he holds it at the right distance his eyes can focus on the screen as well, because he’s nearsighted (like me). On the other hand, the focusing screen in an SLR is so close that an additional magnifier is needed for anyone to be able to see it in focus; the lens that does this inside the viewfinder in his SLR is pre-focused so that someone with normal (20-20) vision will see the internal screen clearly; if he wants to see his SLR viewfinder without wearing glasses, he needs a diopter adjustment that is set to the same correction as his glasses.

    It’s the difference between holding a piece of paper at arm’s length (the Lubitel screen) and looking at it with a microscope (the SLR screen). If the microscope isn’t focused correctly, it’s going to be blurry, and by default the microscope is focused for someone with normal vision.

    Ade’s first nude portrait session:

    BBC Radio 4 “Chain Reaction”: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006sf81

    Sky Arts Master of Photography programme: http://www.masterofphotography.tv/

    (if you’re in the UK, you can record it on your television machine!)


    • LED lights
    Neewer CN-160 LED light:

    Colour Rendering Index: http://lowel.tiffen.com/edu/color_temperature_and_rendering_demystified.html

    (Ade, you should do a whole episode about this! Only don’t bother calling Graeme because he’ll heckle the entire time…)

    Glen E. Friedman: http://burningflags.com/books/****-you-heroes/

    Paddy Summerfield: http://paddysummerfield.com/





    (happy user of the Photomemo book here!)

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