Ep. 21: Ektra! Ektra! Read all about it!

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    Image from bnphoto.org, and amazing resource for old Kodak cameras :http://www.bnphoto.org/bnphoto/Kodak_index2.htm

    In this episode Ade and Graeme have scoured the internet to bring you a selection of the hottest and most interesting news from the world of film photography. All this, and Ade has a personal revelation about post processing his photo's!

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    Polaroid Week:

    Graeme’s autumn B&W photo:

    Graeme’s autumn colour photo:




    … the next one happens April 16-21, 2017: https://www.flickr.com/groups/roidweek2017/

    New 55 Colour 4x5 peel apart film:


    Dolomites Ultra Large format

    Ludicrously large Nikkor lens: http://www.savazzi.net/download/manuals/Apo-Nikkor.pdf

    Kodak Ektra camera/phone: http://www.kodak.com/consumer/products/ektra/default.htm

    Being produced by a UK company: https://www.bullitt-group.com/brands

    … and launching in the UK market first!

    Mike Padua/Shoot Film Co: http://shootfilmco.com/

    Photomemo books: http://shootfilmco.com/collections/frontpage/products/photomemo-photographers-memo-book-2-pack

    (Bill’s note - I’ve already bought a pair for me and another for my daughter!)

    Malick Sidibé - Somerset House until January: https://www.somersethouse.org.uk/whats-on/malick-sidibe

    (Thanks @rob_shoots_film - robhawthornphotography.com)

    CanadianFilmLab.com now open for business. Good luck guys!




    Fuji GW690iii - the Texas Leica: http://www.filmwasters.com/forum/index.php?topic=7182.0

    Cheap shots challenge - animals and wildlife - post your pics!
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  2. Regarding the film vs. digital post-processing conversation: there's no difference in my post-processing workflow between formats, because I don't do any for either. The most I've done is to crop and occasionally straighten (usually a couple of degrees either way) and seldom that; most of what I post or send to people is just what came out of the camera or off the scanner. I do let the scanner choose the brightness of each frame, so that's a kind of pre-post-processing I suppose, but once the picture has been scanned I crop to clean up the edges, mirror image it and done.

    Why? I hadn't really thought about it before the podcast, but I believe there are a few reasons:

    - I don't know what I'm doing with image manipulation tools; I don't know how their features work, and don't necessarily know how to make a given picture better. I could probably learn both, but that leads to the second reason...
    - I don't have much free time, so in general I'd rather be taking pictures than fussing with them. I feel like it is possible to spend hours on a single image; I know people who do. None of my images are worth that kind of time, I don't think, and even if they are they're going to have to wait.
    - Also, I'm lazy; photography is supposed to be fun and editing feels like work.
    - Also also, the kind of post-processing that interests me is darkroom enlarging, which I already don't have enough time to do, so any free moments I'd rather spend there.
    - Finally, I'm cheap and use exclusively free tools for my photo workflow; Apple Photos for organizing, Gimp (on my Mac) or Photoshop Express (on my iPhone) to crop and mirror, Instagram and Flickr to post. I know that Gimp has similar power to Photoshop and there are lots of tutorials, but that goes back to time and laziness ;)
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  3. Totally with you Bill @billowens! I am forcing myself to bother though at the moment and it does seem worth it - which is a shame as I was hoping it wouldn't be.
  4. @billowens I'm not sure the argument that you'd rather be out shooting holds a lot of water - may I recommend doing post processing when it's dark? Or Raining? Or both :)

    I have to admit, if I was using Gimp I would have significantly less enthusiasm for it. Lightroom is such a piece of cake to use that it's a nice way to unwind and get to know your photo's a little better. I also think that post processing helps me to think more about the photo, and what I could do better in camera next time. I never spend hours on a shot, and the majority of my images never get any editing, or indeed any further than my picture folder, but just the act of looking at a shot and deciding NOT to bother with it because the light is poor, or the framing horrible, or the subject non-existent, all make me more aware of these things next time.
  5. I sometimes feel the other way round, that taking pictures is the busywork and getting them into either the darkroom or lightroom is the really fun bit, but then I've always enjoyed messing around with alt processes, toning etc and experimenting with what you can get out of a shot.

    It goes through phases really, of getting out and shooting, and enjoying that more, and enjoying the process of seeing it through to the final print - and the print is really the point when I call a particular image done. Before that, everything is a work in progress.... As Morose says, if nothing else it is a good exercise to evaluate what you are taking critically and then take that knowledge out into the field.

    I think learning to PP is a daunting, time consuming task. It's really only recently I can say that yes, I do actually know what every single option in LR is for, previously things like dehaze and clarity being complete mysteries. I am one though for spending hours on single pictures and my throughput of shots is consequentially ridiculously low, but I am fiercely critical of my own work and I reckon only about 5% of what I take gets past my own filtering of what I deem good enough to put my name to when showing off work. I would rather have a small body of really strong work than a larger body of stuff I'm not entirely happy with.
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  6. @IainK And that's just one of the reasons why you had your own exhibition and the rest of us haven't

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  7. Heh, maybe. I am a bit envious of people who can happily snap away and post endless awesome images to instagram with nay a care in the world.

    I think the problem I have is that with anything creative I always find it hard to call something done.

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