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Discussion in 'All questions are good questions' started by Davis, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. I'm being a dunce and am struggling to embed Flickr images.

    When I share in Flickr I get this url


    But when I select the little picture button above and copy the url this happens:


  2. Click the filmstrip icon and try that. It says it supports Flickr.
  3. Ah thanks Duck.
    De ja vous! I think I posted the same question a few years back, and then made some BB code King joke that tickled @Rob Edwards

    My issue came from the android Flickr app not giving the BBCode, I'll use the web interface for future postings.
  4. Posting stuff from the flickr app is much more of a pain in the ass, and virtually impossible if you want to post in assignments. As for the joke, you must now update it; Star Wars has BB8, Flickr has BBCode, they're both balls. Ugh

    Reminds me of a recommendation I heard on Comedy Bang Bang yesterday, have you read the new book The Tiger's Revenge by Claude Balls?

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