Edit My Oreos!

Discussion in 'Photo Challenges' started by Adam, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. I haven't posted anything here for a while so I thought I would put something up and see what y'all did with it.... You can see the original vs edited version of my award winning ;) Oreo photo below and you can download the full RAW file HERE. Lets see some edits y'all!

    Orero Before and After by FlyACL, on Flickr
  2. How the hell did you manage to under expose that shot - don't tell me a pro assignment winner like you didn't take into account that the meter was going to make the paper grey?
  3. When I look at this, the effect I would want to make is way beyond my skills. So here is what I would like to do with it if I was better trained in Photoshop...

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  4. How much do I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes? ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD!
  5. Did I mention it was an AWARD WINNING photo?! lol.... Seriously though you make a good point. A better photographer would have upped the exposure compensation by a stop-ish and not had to rescue it in post. Properly expose or expose to the right, either way this is an not an example of either. lol... The cookies however were very tasty and it only took about 9 for me to get them looking the way I wanted

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