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  1. 215.jpg 215.jpg Here is a photo I was goint to put my local club natural history Competition but now am not sure. p.s this is one of two I am thinking putting in.
    was going to put it in dropbox but could not get it to work as some times am dum :)
    Did it sorry its a jpeg :( http://dl.dropbox.com/u/56382792/damselfly.jpg
  2. I moved the image to a new thread
  3. The file I downloaded was a funny looking dragonfly... lol.. But I had a good time editing anyway!

  4. Still burnout on the nose fly fail lol oh yes thats a bill goat in Scotland :) I have put dragonfly. in my local comp
  5. gonna have a go at this in the morning
  6. now dont forget if you make it look realy good I still have time to put it im my club comp lol
  7. I give it a shot... Is it the dragonfly one you are looking for? Do you have the RAW or is it just the JPG?
  8. I was going to put them both in Dragonfly as a print "only havejpeg sorry" and billy as a digital entry.:)
  9. OK no problem, I will play around and see what I can come up with!
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