Strobist Dragging light on a dance floor

Discussion in 'Picture poster' started by Obi Col Kenobi, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Here's something relatively simple that I've never properly tried out before. Took a few shots at my sister-in-laws wedding last weekend and decided to have a go at dragging light.

    Can't remember the exact settings, but, taken on my XT1, set the shutter to about 1 second, aperture to about f8 or f11 and flash gun attached (manual 1/128).

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  2. They've come out well! I like the light trails. I got this once by accident with a point and shoot at a wedding and really loved it. There was basically only blur in the background and it had an orange tint - so not as clever as yours.
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  3. very nice, atmospheric!
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  4. Cheers guys, was hoping to get some more like this last weekend as I shot two weddings. Sadly, didn't happen. The first wedding I was pre-occupied as the official photobooth (a backdrop, some flashguns and lots of props) and the second was outside, so no disco lights to play with. Got some great shots mind. Will post those later in the picture poster bit. :)

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