Do we need to tweak the rules?

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What should the window of opportunity for taking assignment pictures be?

  1. The 20 day duration of the assignment

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  2. Up to 1 month before the start of the assignment

    3 vote(s)
  3. Up to 3 months before the start of the assignment

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  4. Other (please detail below)

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  1. Hey there folks, it's me, Duck.

    A new year of exciting photographic potential has dawned and I, like every one of you guys I'm sure, am really keen to make 2016 a banner year for my photographic efforts.

    This in mind, I would like to hear your opinions on one of the core rules of our assignments; any picture entered must have been taken during the assignment window.

    The reason we have this rule is that assignments are meant to motivate us to get out and take pictures within a given time in order to learn from the experience and be able to share and discuss what you've learnt with others carrying out the same assignment, and of course see how others interpret the same brief.

    What it seeks to avoid is people digging through their back catalogue of images and pulling out something shot potentially years ago, and not gaining anything from the experience of taking part in the assignment.

    The issues that this causes are 1: It can be hard to find time and opportunity to take pictures within the assignment window, more so now the posting period is 20 days. Some of the more specific subject can be particularly hard. 2: It can be frustrating to be in an ideal location to take photo's for an assignment, but a week or a day early.

    Last year @Chris posted a list of all upcoming assignments and we still have about 7 months left before a new one is needed. My question is, should assignments remain as they are with all photo's being shot within the window of the assignment, or should the window be expanded (within reason).

    We just want to get an idea of how everyone feels. It would be really great to get more involvement in the assignments this year - I know that in at least two of them there have been only two entries. Please share your thoughts and place your votes.
  2. I think we should be allowed so earlier time but not too much. For those of us shooting mostly film it would allow for development and generally I find it hard to find the time so shooting a little in advance would be good.
  3. Yeah, I concur with @Ade. A few weeks before should be fine, but no more than a month. On several occasions I've not had the chance to get out, but have had recent photos that would suit the assignment, but not submitted them due to the fact they were a few weeks old. So yeah, a few weeks.

    #changeforthewin #yay #hashtag #annoyance #higraeme
  4. So more votes for keeping the same limits in place, and yet no one posts in the assignments. This is some high level trolling going on here.
  5. I voted for other:

    Glorious though the assignment entries are, im not sure I need 10 days to decide on a favourite. More time to get an entry in would be appreciated.
    Maybe 28 days shooting and the rest of the month to vote?
  6. I'm on board with that. Up to the point where no mother Hubbard is actually voting.

    That said, I am happy to now know what your "other" vote was for, it's a good idea, a few people have been caught out by the shorter window.

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