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  1. In Japanese there is a term called 'dekiru dake', it means 'can't be helped' or more commonly '****-all I can do, but try'. Either way it's a negative term for the s*** is probably gonna hit the fan.

    I have a wedding shoot on Sunday, a guy I know from shooting salon work contacted me to shoot his wedding about 3 weeks ago (yes, that short a timeline).

    He has failed to send me information about his wedding apart from the time it starts and a location (which I got about 2 days ago). After a strong email from me pushing to get more info, I finally got a plan of the day, sent to me in Japanese, in a 100kb jpg for two a4 pages. The data was so small that it couldn't even be read by my wife.


    So this weekend's wedding... Dekiru Dake ne
  2. Dude, I would trust you to pull anything of with bugger all notice. You're a talented ass photographer, just make sure this flaky ******* pays up front.

    Hope it's not a shitty day dude.

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  3. Cheers @moroseduck i did the wedding yesterday. It was 34 degrees and about 20% of the wedding was actually outside. Running around on balconies trying my best to capture 120 people on a lawn at the same time. All in suit!

    It has made me rethink the whole things with weddings. I don't like shooting them too much to be honest, part of the job is the rapport with the guests as well. Here there is a language & cultural barrier, my banter is usually 20% of what it is in English.

    Japanese weddings are so much unlike british weddings though.
    British weddings have long sets, the church wedding, the travelling to the reception & speeches, set photo period, and then the party at the end.

    Japanese weddings:
    The reception just on its own has everything timed to 5 minutes, speeches, dances, guy playing guitar, the bride and groom will exit and reappear 5 minutes later in different clothes. There are spotlights, videos, fireworks on tables, groom singing and dancing (not shitting you), giving parents gifts. All that in a space of 2 hours I guess - there was probably more. and I'm not talking about the actual wedding with a fake foreign priest, just the reception. I was fucked - the light was changing every 5 minutes!

    I haven't looked at the pics at all yet, I think they were ok - I was running some very high ISOs (around a 2000) with a little fill flash just to freeze people with a little extra light. So that is the wonderful thing about running full frame, you get that extra little bit of light and dynamic range in low light.
    Will post a few pics soon.
  4. That does sound completely knackering, although in some ways that rigid structure would probably be a benefit in some ways- once you get "wedding fit" you'll be able to almost run on auto-pilot. I realise that is hardly the creative dream, but as a purely bill paying part of your get the **** out of your shitty job plan it might work.

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing all about it on the next PPP #optimist
  5. Wow! Well done for evening getting to the venue. Certainly sounds like you're "paying your dues" as a pro. Harder than pulling together three magazine layouts in one week!

    Hope the photos worked out well.
  6. Thanks guys. Yeah I agree that this is a good bill paying thing. I think I'm still in 'what if I **** up?' mode of thinking as I don't want to ruin people's wedding shots.

    On the flip side I took a look my wedding pics, a guy I personally hunted around for and my pics aren't a whole lot different than his. I now understand why people have that 2.8mm zoom for weddings. It's massively versatile and I'll invest in getting that lens - I f/4 I have just wasn't cutting it in the darkness but the zoom range was very good.

    Altogether it was a good weekend for me. I did a photowalk with a British family on the Saturday night and then the wedding Sunday afternoon. So all in all, a profitable weekend.

    So the bonus of the wedding was contacts for me. I met the lady that runs the salon business, I fixed their website to run in English at the beginning of the year. She basically said that she wants a website renewal at the end of the year and the work is mine. We are talking a very large website, 3 salons in both English and Japanese. Score!

    Also the groom's father is an interior designer that did the layout of those salons, and he knew of my work for their fashion shoots so he was pleased with the results and now he's a contact. So for connections it worked out well
  7. i feel your pain with horrible lighting and stupid heat on weddings. my last one the heat was insane. i had to cope with 2 other "photographers" at the reception stood in front of me all night. but then the reception had a stripper and burlesque dancers so of made up for the pitch black room haha
  8. if I was the main photographer and other guys got in the way, I'd pull them one side and tell them that they are ruining the couple's shots - guilt trip them without being offensive. lol
  9. Well - I got something at least!

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  10. Mate, loving that shot. One to be proud of!
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  11. Thank you, squire! I was quite pleased with it though I've been fighting the noise on some of these pics already
  12. Great shot mate. The groom totally has the look of a man who would wait until 3 weeks before his wedding to organise a photographer...what a tit.
  13. Good point. But by his facial hair he is clearly someone's evil twin brother so whaddya expect?
  14. I like the backlighting on these? Was that clever use of an existing light or a light you brought?
  15. They were spotlights, so I made the best use out of them

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