Dark room disaster! Dave 0 - 1 E6 process

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    I messed up my E6 souping by adding the colour developer to the tank when it already had water in it
  2. Ahhh balls, you have my sympathies mate, self inflicted pain is pain nonetheless. I can completely see how this can happen - I made the mistake of looking at my phone once whilst developing and completely forgot to agitate, and nearly overcooked as well.

    How did the roll come out? Anything or just total yuckfest?

    Still, bravo to you on taking on E6, which kit did you get?
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    Fun fact about the Tetenal kit first developer: if it 'smells' the colour developer then it's game over for the FD solution.
  4. They look awesome dude! Not going to pretend I understood all that first developer colour developer stuff, more explanation needed plz

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  5. @moroseduck E-6 process has 2 developers: the first is essentially a black & white developer; the second, color developer, does something I don't pretend to understand, but I think it turns the negative into a positive. Wikipedia has a description of the original process, but the Arista/Unicolor kits are different, I think they combine the reversal step with the color developer step.

    @Davis I wonder if you might be ok with a bit longer color developer time? If it was just water, then you just have diluted developer now. Maybe you could try increasing the developer time a bit, maybe enough time for one extra inversion. Given that E6 is much more flexible with times and temperatures than C41, it might be worth a test.
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  6. Thanks @jamesixgun, after the tank started overflowing when adding the CD, I measured out 400ml of the diluted developer and added more CD chemicals - 50ml of CD1 aand CD2. Gave it an extra 30secs to make up for the nonsense!
  7. Cheers duck. Here it is look:

    how would you guys read that preheat step at the start: Adding water inside the tank, or adding the tank to a water bath?
  8. With the exception of the additional developer and wash, that's the same as my C41 process. I fill the tank with water to the required temperature rather than put the tank into warm water.

    So am I reading it right - once you've done the first development step you can pull them out the dark tank and use the colour dev and on in subdued or red light? Because that would be cool.
  9. it is very similar to the C41 but the extra washes really hacked me off, I felt like a grubby teenager and will try to cut down that step for the next roll.

    Agreed re taking the film out for the remaining steps, that's certainly how it reads, but I'll continue with everything in the tank. It might be an option for when you shoot some Velvia in Ronald?

    Pop down Bristol way for some double exposures and I'll slip you some E6 chemistry. What an offer!
  10. WIth winter on it's way and hopefully some more free time I'll do my best to take you up on that offer, it's simply irresistible!

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