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  1. Hi all,

    A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in New York with my wife (and no kids!) and set myself a mini project to create something akin to a photo essay of the trip. The following shot is part of a Flickr set of 15 that show the weekend we had.

    What would be great is if people can critique how the set hangs together as well as anything you have to say on individual photos.

    Don't hold back! All critique will be gratefully received.

    Metropolis by Ade968, on Flickr

    The rest of the set is here.

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  2. I would have been utterly daunted on a project like this. If ever there was a hotbed of photographic cliches, then it is New York. That said, some of my faves are the ones that could be in any big city. The only shot that disappoints is the "Flat Iron" - I think you managed to get its only aspect that doesn't show that iconic shape, I'm not sure what it brings to the party.
    "View from the balcony" is nice, but I wonder how it would look in portrait flipped 90 degrees anticlockwise.
    "Top of the rock Ma!" satisfies in every way.
    Strangely, my favourite is "Liberty and Freedom" - this should be the biggest cliche of the lot given the subject matter, but what a beautifully understated shot, subtle, balanced, almost monochromatic but with that hint of copper verdigris patina...lovely.

    All in all, a nice set of shots, I'm sure they will long be a personal reminder of The Big Apple. And I wrote all of that without sounding even slightly jealous.
  3. Rob Edwards many thanks for both the compliments and the constructive critique!

    Your point about the cliches is well made. Many of my shots I worked quite hard to get to something less obvious. It is hard though in NY and sometimes you get little choice, like when you are at the top of a high building. I think the weather helped though - the ones you say you liked were taken in drizzly, misty conditions.

    Interesting comment on the Flat Iron shot. I spent a lot of time trying to get a shot of it that had some ground level activity in it. For this one I settled on the fountain. I have another that shows the pointy shape but with a food market in the foreground - maybe I'll post that to see if you prefer it.

    Was there anything you find missing from the set? DEtail shots, establishing shots, iconic shots etc...
  4. @Ade968 I'm finally getting around to look at these.
    The problem with shooting any city is that there are always cliches, though the only time you can avoid cliches is by knowing the city, avoiding tourist spots and exploring areas that not many others have shot. The problem is why you go on holiday, you go to all of those places.

    I like the use of B&W, I think that it does add a timeless feel to it as some of these building have been there for a long time, though I think I would like to see closer into some of the buildings. The fire escapes the brick detail in the old bronx buildings (without having your s*** stolen haha) things like that.

    NY has always struck me (although I have never been there) a city of lines where these endless alleys of buildings, block after block go for miles, I think I would have shot some of that too. And guys selling hotdogs haha

    I like metropolis a lot, though I think you can even crop in on this image and it will long stronger. Follow the lines as much as the resolution holds and try and replace the crop.

    That's my two pence :)

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