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  1. Question: how many people on here put a copyright or watermark on their photos before they upload to Flickr, websites etc?

    Or indeed how many people have thought about it but not actually bothered yet?

    I only ask out of interest. I'm not suggesting my photographs are good enough for other people to want to steal them(the last bi-weekly assignment is evidence of that :oops:) but just wondered at what point people thought it is necessary. As a part of setting up my own blog/website (which is still in the pipeline) the thought has crossed my mind to start including something before I post, hoping that as my photographs improve then I am already in the habit of adding something before uploading.

    So is this something even worth considering?

  2. I guess its up to you mate - personally I dont bother. For a few reasons, I dont think my pics are good enough to be stolen - I hardly get any hits on my pics on flickr so I can't imagine anyone stealing them. The other thing is that I never upload high res versions to flickr - I will export all the pics out of lightroom at a size I like and then use the flickr uploadr to up them. If I use lightroom it will dump massive images up there for anyone to use, whereas if I control the size it's uploaded as then it means people are less likely to use my pics. Having said that, recently I have been busy and so I'm uploading all sorts of high res stuff. I have to stop doing that.

    As for watermarking the pics, I don't mind it - though I hate massive watermarks on peoples pictures, kind of destroys the meaning of taking the picture in the first place. Is there any difference in uploading a superb image into flickr so the whole world can see it but say 'you can't take it' seems silly to me. Something small and unobtrusive is good - placed in a good area that makes it difficult to remove but still isn't in your face is great to me. Of course flickr also has quite a good set of tools to ensure that photos can't be copied - I think you should look at the copyright and privacy settings in there.

    Just like facebook, if you don't want people seeing your private stuff - dont sign up. If you don't want folks stealing your pictures don't put it on public display for all to steal. That's the way I see it.
  3. I don't bother watermarking or placing copyright symbols on my photographs as I use the files I put on Flickr for straight importing into my Blurb book at the end of the year and I don't want them in the final printed book. I quite like the stylised watermarking that you see on some images, but in fairness my photography skills really aren't at that level where I have to worry about it image theft.
  4. i use a water mark on my images as to get my name out there and i've seen some of my old vector wallpaper on DevaintArt around the
    net with someones elses name on them.

    i don't think my logo gets in the way of the image to much, tho i agree with chris on big watermarks they tend to hide a lot of the detail in the images :(
  5. I think I've commented elsewhere about my dislike of obtrusive copyrighting etc. Whilst I can appreciate peoples desire to not have their efforts taken, used and mis-credited by others, it does seem to me that these protective marks fall into two camps. Either discreet enough as to not spoil the picture, and therefore be easy for any would be thief to crop/photoshop them out, or large enough to ruin the picture to the point that no one would even want to look at it, let alone steal it.

    I am in total agreement with Chris - if you are worried about people stealing your images, don't put them on a publicly accessible site. The quality of the image that people can pull from flickr would surely not be particularly high anyway, unless you pay for a pro account and allow downloads of large images.

    I would also add that whilst me saying that my pictures aren't good enough to worry about is an obvious and pointless statement, I have seen many, many stunning photographs on flickr that don't have any markings, so if those people aren't going to worry about it, I'm sure as hell not going to.
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  6. I'm with everyone else. For the most part I don't worry about it. About the only time I do use a watermark is more for advertising purposes like Evilmunky said. I recently took some family photos for some folks and since I knew they would end up on Facebook I just made it part of my "package". So they got and all the proofs in low resolution and watermarked uploaded to Facebook by me. Then they could order prints or higher resolution digital files later. But the idea wasn't to watermark to keep them from using them, the low resolution did that, it was to advertise me via their Facebook. Plus they had to "Like" me so I could tag them and all that.
  7. Fair enough it appears the consensus is not to bother about it unless it's or promotional purposes.

    If I was gonna us one I was thinking it would be the domain I own (ie my but there's probably little point in that for promotional purposes as it should be obvious without.

  8. I think people didn't ought to be so modest about their pics. It might not be the greatest pic in the world but if someone has a use for it, it may just appear where least expected.
    I know someone who posted a close up shot of her daughters eyeball on Flickr. Its now being used on Facebook to advertise Specsavers a large UK Optician. The last I heard was that she had no satisfaction with her complaint. So be aware.
  9. ive had a couple of images 'stolen' from my flickr and they have turned up on local news blogs etc. never creditted

    alll i do is ask the website owner for a credit and link. I've never had an arguement yet
  10. That's
    That's fair comment. I think I'd do the same. But my thoughts on the eyeball incident is that Specsavers are wealthy enough for a decent handshake.
  11. I think the mistake made was to post any decent kind of pics onto Facebook. I personally don't post may photos on Facebook, normally it's only ones from my iPhone that get posted.

    Another thing to do if you need to post decent pics to Facebook is to not put up high res images. If your exporting from Lightroom simply move the slider down from 100%, when posted on facebook you'll never tell the difference on sceen but they will be low enough res so that companies won't want to use them for marketing.
  12. ive started putting a small on on mine basically to get my name out there and because its so simple to do it on light room i dont even need to think about it anymore it just does it.
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  13. I don't personally think my photos are that good that anyone would want to steal them...the only one I've ever done anything with is a pop art pic of my step daughter she wanted putting on canvas which I did for her. What I upload to the web is always low res - more for speed than anything else. However if someone wants one of my pics then all they have to do is ask...i take photo's for a hobby and unless a big lottery win enables my retirement from the real world that's all it'll ever be and in that case I doubt I'll ever be good enough to make money from it.

    However, I do put a small watermark on my photos, usually in the bottom right hand corner in the border....just because I like seeing my name on them.
  14. What should you do if your images do get stolen?
  15. It's happened to me and I was just dead chuffed that someone rated it sufficiently to nick it. That said, my livelihood doesn't depend on this hobby. I suppose I'm lucky in that to me they are only photographs.
  16. ive had a few stolen and tbh its not worth getting wound up about, low traffic news sites and the like.

    ive emailed them for a credit and link which they have always editted their page to give me, its key to ask nicely in the first place
  17. All my images are hexed, curses to anyone who pinches them without permission.

    May your nose grow long until you give it back. Cackle cackle!
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  18. I recently went through the images on my website and removed the watermarks. I don't really see the point. Either you stick a tiny thing in the corner which is easily cropped out, or you ruin the image. I just make sure that the images aren't going to be printable.

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