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Discussion in 'Critique my photographs' started by Andy, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone, I know I haven't been on the forums as much, but I haven't stopped shooting. Recently, I scored an opportunity with a local coffeeshop to showcase my work. I have a couple set of pictures I put together, and I'd like everyone's opinion on it! (I have them on Google Drive because the forum says that the screenshots are too big)

    The first set is from when I took a roadtrip to Nashville this summer, I think this set can stand on itself pretty well:

    Here's this second set which ideally I'd like to go up altogether, I'd like most of the attention to be focused on this set:

  2. I prefer the top one, though you have to be careful on how you present it of it will just look like lots of pictures of a guy standing by a car, you really need to get people to understand the story

    I'm wondering if you can put a slight watermark of an > arrow to show direction to the next image in the room. The last one would then stop at the one with the two of you together.

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