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  1. Anyone get any photography loot? ;)
  2. Merry Christmas one and all!

    I think all my gifts are now in and I got a couple of photography things. One is a little remote shutter device for mobile phones. Apparently it pairs through Bluetooth. We're talking almost Xmas cracker quality rather than trigger trap but I shall gladly give it a go.

    Another thing I got is a crazy book on the history of skyscrapers. It has some amazing photography in it. And the book is printed about 2 feet tall and 10 inches wide in hard back which is brilliant!
  3. Does a selfie-stick count????
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    ... or as they are now known: "Wands of Narcissus".
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  5. I didn't get any photo gear, actually i got two sweaters and that was it. it's been a busy last couple of months so me and mrs concentrated on the kid
  6. To be honest @Chris that's how we've been since having kids, we generally only spend very little on each other as token gifts really and everything else is for the kids. Although in saying that I bought her a new bike which was 6 times the budget we go by lol

    Oh and if a selfie-stick doesn't count then I got sod all camera wise.
  7. Nothing here either... We had the wife's whole family in town for 10 days so we decided to just get threw the holiday and then maybe do something later. The kids made out like bandits though! lol

    Photography wise though I am thinking I would like an Alien Bee... Just need some space to use it...

  8. What the bloody hell is a selfie stick?
  9. I want an Alien Bee too - don't sell them here though and they run on a weird power setting I heard.
  10. There was a new camera rucksack and a tripod in offing over here. Most excellent they both are too. I've needed a decent bag with space for gear as well as pack-a-mack, lunch etc. for a while. There's also space for 2 tripods too, one which can double up as a drinks carrier so should be good on those long days out I never get to do ;-)

    The ball head is a vanguard sbh-250 which is a really catchy name! Seems very sturdy and much more control than my el-cheapo 7 Day Shop model I've been using for the last 18 months or so.
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  11. @IainK can I introduce you to my good friend Google

    Didn't you know 2014 was the year of the Selfie-Stick. What I'm away to Google is an Alien Bee....
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  12. I got two awesome photo books. One is the Astronomy photographer of the year 2013, which has exactly the kind of varied and utterly amazing images in which you would expect, and the second is Mother and Father and it contains the work from one of the exhibitions I went to see during the Oxford photography festival with my better half and young @Ade! It's a lovely book, and if evidence was needed of it's power to move people, I showed it to my Mum, and l although I she appeared to be just leafing through it without giving it too much thought, when she got to the end she was in floods of tears. Pretty amazing work.

    Other than that, I also got an old 8mm cine camera! Not entirely sure if I'm going to actually get a roll film and give it a go yet, I'll keep you posted on that one!
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