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  1. Show us your Christmas!

    Fell free to post as many pics as you want in here.
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  3. A Piano was given to us as an early christmas prezzie from someone who's had it a long time but couldn't take it with them when they moved house. And it's really nice, I can't play at all, but am going to teach myself, so one day! :)))

    There has been much rushing around at school in order to finish everything on time.

    And there has been much getting very Excited!

    Hey, I have something really similar! Every year (at mums house) since I was born, I don't buy advent calendars, a friend made me one. And every advent the christmas fairy visits and fills the pockets with little treats (Like choccie coins) and this year she left me some Gogo's which most people forgot ages ago, but I still try and get sometimes. (and still play with loads) So it's a bit of a blast from the past. Anyone else used to get these? Or am I the only one?

    And on a side note, FNAF theorising is becoming very productive in my little group of friends. For those fellow FNAF theorists/gamers/people who know of it out there.

    (I didn't take the FNAF pic)
  4. I never heard of FNAF before. Just looked it up. Is it good?
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  5. It's amazing, when the first game came out August 2015 it was underestimated by most people for not being that scary, then people bought it to prove it wasn't scary and it scared them. Then it earned itself three follow up games which have made the whole plot of the game nigh on impossible to solve. It's amazing! But if you start be prepared to get hooked, then start having nightmares due to the psychologic elements and obsess over figuring out the storyline.

    I love it because it's become such a big part of my life... also it's the reason I don't sleep very well anymore :p
  6. You're not selling it much :)
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  7. That may be true :)p) but it is a horror game, so the first few thousand people to buy it will have done to be scared. And I guess if it helps at all, the jump scares aren't too bad, it's the build up to them.

    And when I say obsessed, I guess that could be a good thing (;))

    (Internal monologue: you know that hole you've been digging since you tried to fan girl about FNAF, it's getting deeper)
  8. :)

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