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  1. On the podcast we recorded last night and which will hopefully be out next week we kicked off a new project/challenge.

    One of the main obstacles for people shooting film is the belief that it's going to be expensive, largely because of the cost of film and developing that film, but also just buying any kit in the first place. To see if we can disprove this we've set ourselves and anyone else who's up for it the following challenge:

    To buy both a camera of any size or shape AND film with a maximum budget of £20. This has to include any postage costs incurred, but not the cost of developing the roll of film. YOU CANNOT USE A CAMERA OR FILM CURRENTLY IN YOUR POSSESSION!

    To shoot pictures for the genre randomly drawn from a box (I pulled the different categories from the list on 500PX...I didn't include nude because obviously)

    At the end of the challenge period of about a month (or buy episode 11) submitted pictures will be judged by an impartial 3rd party and points awarded.

    In the future when we return to this, another genre category will be drawn and an additional budget of £10 will be allocated to buy more film or other bits as needed. Points will be carried forward and when we're done/bored with this idea the winner will be given praise and love above all others.

    Hopefully that's all really straightforward and obvious, £20 (or $27, or 2677 yen, which sounds like A LOT) buy a camera and film, take picture on a theme, share your best shots, the end

    Even if you aren't usually a film shooter, why not give this a go? Worst case scenario you end up with a camera shaped ornament that cost no more than £20.

    Anyway, the first category pulled out of the hat/box last night was... Street Photography! Easier for some than others, like me. @Chris I really hope you join in with this, with all the camera shops and bloody streets you should crush it.
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  2. I think it may be quite difficult to buy a camera here for that price - the film alone is more than that. There are loads of photography and camera shops but they sell Leicas - nuff said
  3. want some poundland film @Chris i've got a few here. you cover postage :p or pay me in gunpla :p
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  4. I will keep looking for Poundland film but they didn't have any in my local. My town also has the most economically savvy charity shops this side of Marylebone High Street so I will need to search long and hard for this one!
  5. Whilst I would like to think that I might stumble upon something locally, it's ebay I'm haunting and hunting
  6. Can we do like carbon trading? If you buy me a camera I'll give you double the credit towards the project. Find me another £2 camera and I'll give you £4 of project credit. You could get 4 rolls of film for that!
  7. I'm so glad that the new podcast is out, partly because now people can hear all about my awesome purchase, but mostly because everyone is going to get a real good laugh at @Ade 's terrible choice.
  8. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."
    Queen Gertrude
    From Hamlet by William Shakespeare
  9. We'll see, I think that both I and the rest of the world would really love to see a picture of your new piece of kit/something that rhymes with "Kit" :)
  10. Courtesy of camerapedia and flickr, behold!


    I pity you and your smug derision.
  11. lolololololol I've just realised that mpore than ANYTHING in the world, I want to see a selfie with you wearing that thing clipped onto your shirt pocket.

    I'll admit that it does look pretty cool and spy like, unlike my beast.
  12. Oh god I remember those!
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  13. Btw on the weekend I looked to spend my hard earned on a craptastic camera on the weekend via eBay. All I could find was parts labelled as 'junk'. I may just end up buying s*** film
  14. You can do it mate!

    @moroseduck show us a picture of yours!
  15. A steal at 2.99 (plus postage)

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  16. Awesome!
  17. I've also picked up one of these which unfortunately came in above the budget.

    And I have fully embraced the hipster nature of such cameras with the further purchase of a bundle of random slide & C41 films which are older than I am.

    Glory, vignetting and most likely a fuckload of s*** photographs awaits! The plan is to spend a month shooting colour film and by the time payday comes round pick up the requisit chemicals to process them all

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  18. That sounds like a great plan! I'll be interested in the sprocket rocket shots for sure. I've often wondered if it is possible to get a "normal" photo from one of those rather than simply the s*** they post on the lomography website.

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  19. I'm more interested in the fact it shoots double-wide negs than the sprocket gimmick as I don't have any sort of panoramic camera, but hopefully will get something out of it. I only paid £25 for it, the rrp of £60 or so is a bit on the steep side.

    Film 1 in the bag, just snuck out round the block with the Electro 35 which had half a roll of Kodak Ultra 400 in it to use up.
  20. Ahh yes, the Lomo X-pan justification :) Sprockets are just a gimmicky extra!

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