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Discussion in 'Website updates' started by Chris, Apr 18, 2014.


How do you want the chatbox?

  1. Permanently on

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  2. Weekends

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  3. Just Fridays

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  1. I put the chat box up (normally) for one day a week. I do this so that it doesn't ruin standard threads in the forum. The chatbox history only lasts so long, so things talk about in there are not going to be found on google but the standard threads do. So from my point of view I want to have things to show in google to promote the site.

    Though recently I noticed that photography has been replaced in the chatbox with just chat of other stuff and so now I'm not so concerned.

    So to my question: Do you want the chatbox on permanently or just on fridays or weekends? It's up to you.
  2. I'm happy having it on all the time but as long as folks know it's for general chat/banter and not for serious covos about issues, those should be had in posted topics/threads (either one already posted or to go and post a new one if something comes up worth speaking about)
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  3. What batty said.
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  4. Me too, what they said. The chat box is good but I wouldn't put serious photo stuff in there so I don't think it conflicts.
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  5. Ditto me too, always on but keep it off topic
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