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  1. Right, so my brother in law is a [sic] superstar DJ, and has just signed some sort of contract. He has been using a B/W kinda photo for his posters and stuff but asked me to try to take some headshots for him to use. I said 'what the hell' as I'd been looking for an excuse to fire up the trusty old 30d, which promptly error 99'd.

    But I'd promised, so I borrowed my other brother in laws 1200d, grabbed my big flash, and got to work.

    This was what he'd been using

    And these are what I shot

    Sorry about the links, I haven't shared anything in a while and I'm rusty.
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  2. I can't see the originals but the ones you shot are fantastic, very impressed mate.
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  3. Really nicely shot. Personally I prefer the ones where the guy's neck is visible, the ones which are just a head just make me imagine he has a body like this:


    ...which is not a criticism, it's just how my brain works.
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  4. W
    well, now I will too
  5. They look good and modern and edgy and I'm sure they fit the bill. My impression is that they are intended for promotional material such as posters, flyers etc? If so, they could be limiting in terms of the style of the finished product.
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  6. @Liam good job - looks great!

    Be careful of people's shiny bits - because guys don't do make up (unless you are @Gareth J on a charity day lol) then you can use some talc to dim down anything reflecting in the lights.
  7. Words to live by
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