Bristol meetup!

Discussion in 'Photography chatter' started by Davis, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Hi team!

    @Ade has suggested I throw a Bristol meetup! So here it is!

    Kicking off tomorrow! Meet somewhere central, coffee shop or pub.

    Tomorrow! 27th Feb 2016

    Be there or be 6x6
  2. Godammit, if it was just a case of ******* off work tomorrow I'd probably be there, but I've promised to run the better half to and from dental surgery.

    If you can do next weekend that might be possible for me, keen to do this and it's going to get hard for me after that until bloody mid summer.
  3. Sorry dude, I'm going to see The Cult at Briton Academy tomorrow night so can't do a meetup in Bristol. I still want to do it though if we can set a date.
  4. Guys! I'm running 15 mins late!
  5. I told my better half to go to hell so I've been in the coffee shop or pub for half an hour already. The Guinness latte is unpleasant.
  6. I'm still sat here. It's been a really awkward last couple of days, I don't want to go into details, but if you've ever tried to sleep whilst hiding in a toilet, well, you'll understand.

    I think the police might be on the way, there's a hard limit on how long you can remain inconspicuous and I passed it by lunchtime yesterday. Still no sign of @Davis . I'm beginning to think he never intended to turn up, and that this was some sort of cruel joke. No, he's a decent guy, and people get held up.

    I feel awful, I've subsisted on sugar filled coffee and small biscuits since 12.30 Saturday, my head is screaming at me, I can't focus and I've spent my rent money on tipping the staff so they don't kick me out. This is a nightmare. Should I just give up on @Davis? He did say he was running late, maybe 5 more minutes...
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  7. Big shout out to all the team that made the meetup.
    What a blast! I've only just got home and am still piecing it all together, hopefully the photographs will fill in the blanks.
    Huge well done to everyone for successful Duck dodging.
    Love y'all - and see you in court!
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  8. Jut got home myself, after the fires started to spread they closed the Coffee shop pub and I was forced to leave. My car had long since been towed, but fortunately some of the rioters had smashed in the window to a motability store and I was able to borrow a vehicle. It took a couple of days to get back, quite a few of the streets were blocked with wreckage, and even once I'd got out those motability scooters are really meant for pavements, not the M4.

    Still, looks like you had a good time, it was weird to hear an angry mob chanting the name of someone you know though.
  9. After the rip roaring success of the last Bristol meetup, I thought it would be a gert lush ideal to throw another! Have it my ducks!
    It's tomorrow..
  10. Fool me once etc. I realise I may come across as a gullible mug, but believe it or not I am a lot sharper than you people give me credit for, and so I will not be the butt of your cruel taunting a second time.

    Anyway, even if I'd wanted to come and join in with your group of special people, I couldn't, I had to go into town to arrange a bank transfer of a couple of grand to Nigeria - turns out that I have a relative out there who recently snuffed it. Just sending out some funds so they can get the estate sorted and then I am going to be in the money!

    Maybe you'll think twice about treating me like fool once that £500,000 is in my pockets.
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  11. Sounds legit!

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