Birthday buying bafflement

Discussion in 'Photography chatter' started by moroseduck, May 16, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, hit 41 last week, hard to believe considering how great I look.

    Got some nice photography fun bits - a build your own 35mm TLR which I'm looking forward to knocking together, some wide angle clip on phone lenses which are actually surprisingly good and useable, a cool polaroid looking mug and a really nice book on street photography called Street Photography Now which is chock full of amazing pictures and insight.

    Now, you are probably all just marvelling at this haul of booty, as well you might be, BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! I also got a load of money to spend on whatever seems like a good idea!

    And here in lies my problem. I have about £200 to spend in total, and I could add a bit myself if needed to get something super awesome, but what do I buy with all this moneys? I really want to get something that will open up new creative possibilities and be regularly useful.

    Here's a brief catch up on a month or so of thought so far:

    Samyang 12mm/8mm fisheye lens - I really fancy getting one of these, but I just don't grab my digital camera by default and getting a lens which I can't use on other cameras is less appealing.

    Large format monorail! I could just about get up and running for under £300, and this was the plan, but common sense and a little time has lead me to realise that I barely have time to shoot the cameras I can grab and run out the door with. Large format requires an investment of time that I just can't give it at the moment.

    6x6 SLR - I didn't really give myself enough chance to get to terms with @Davis' Hasselblad, but the images that things creates are cool as hell. HB's are out of my price range, but a Bronica alternative could work. Would it get used that much though? I might ask a guy at the camera club if I can borrow his...

    6x7 or larger The appeal of going to a large ass medium format is quite strong. The Fuji GW690 looks interesting, but its fixed lens isn't an ideal length for portraits and it's huge and loud for street work. The RB67 has the interchangeable lenses, but is an unwieldy lump for taking out to play.

    Olympus OM Zuiko 21mm f3.5 - great quality lens, super wide and I could get adapters to use elsewhere, this one is high on the list at the moment

    Anyway, as you can imagine I've looked at many other very appealing things as well. What do you guys think? My magpie brain says add another camera to the mix for lols, my less dumb brain says maybe try and get some better lenses for the kit you already have. Maybe I should think about spending it on something else entirely.

    What would you guys spend £250 on to get more from your photography?
  2. Happy birthday sir!

    A nice lot of options there but one clear winner for me; go large format or go home.

    That's what I would go for, but then I already have a blad. If I didn't I would be interested in the Kiev 88, Russian knock off blad that you can pick up for less than your budget.

    That or drop it all on paper and get printing.
  3. Happy birthday man! I feel ya on the 41 part.. Sadly unlike that amazing specimen of a man you are, I'm falling apart. lol... But I have to agree... given the list you have provided I have to agree with @Davis large format just sounds cool... plus I'd like to see the results...

    Personally I am thinking of getting a drone, but because video isn't my deal I am not really sure if it is going to be a photography thing or just a toy... But I will toss it out there as another option... :)

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  4. Happy birthday mate!

    Large format! You have a van already so no problem carting it around.
  5. Godammit, you people are supposed to be talking sense in to me, not encouraging lunacy...still, you might be right...

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  6. The way I see it...

    I said you could borrow my 12mm Samyang
    You already have a Bronica
    You have loads of Olympus 35mm stuff

    The one you don't have is the large format beast.
    You don't have to worry about labs
    You won't have to worry about finishing a roll

    Do I need to say more?
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  7. But if you don't want another camera you could buy...

    A really good light meter
    An enlarger
    A podcasting microphone
    A photo workshop or training course of some kind
    Some lighting gear
    Some prints of your work - large ones or aluminium or a book or a box set

    In fact, maybe a project is the way to go. What kind of photo project would you like to do? The chap that does the photographic a podcast is a printer. He could teach you. I've been thinking about talking to him anyway about learning to print.

    Or maybe it's a location you want to visit? £250 could get you quite a long way give you are sitting in the middle of the country.

    The world is your whelk!

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