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  1. Elgol on the Isle of Skye, as a place, is awesome. I would never be as bold as to claim a photo I made there was awesome, but at the time I was pretty damn happy with what I came away with. Over time though, I've started to get a bit annoyed by this shot and can't out my finger on the reasons why. Maybe it's the fact that Elgol is such an amazing place that I feel I didn't do it justice (that's a constant struggle of mine), or maybe there's something fundamentally wrong with the shot? I'm just not sure.

    So help me out dudes if you wouldn't mind? Go to town on my version of Elgol.....

    [​IMG]Elgol by andy_grundy, on Flickr
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  2. I love the background, but I think the foreground lacks the beautiful light you have on the hills. It's just a bit flat. I think it might work really well as a thin panorama if you crop out all but a small bit of of sea, or if you really go to town with dodging/burning a bit of contrast into the rocks.
  3. I think the background is strong. And you've clearly made the effort to capture "foreground interest". I really like the colour and texture in the clouds.

    One thing to consider is maybe the relative size of the elements. The light on the mountains is what draws me in but they are quite small in the image overall.

    Maybe as Iain suggests it might be stronger if you crop it - possibly to have just the central rock right in the foreground at the bottom of the frame. That would give the mountains more prominence.

    Failing that a photoshop colour gradient with an overlay or soft light blend might add something to the rocks in front.
  4. I love it! I think it is a fantastic shot... Like the others said, I think it could be even stronger cropped as a pano... but seriously it is an amazing photo and you should be proud... Print that bad boy!!! lol

  5. Super shot.

    But as you asked... The problem is you didn't use Velvia.
  6. Who needs Velvia when you have photoshop!! I'd mask that rock section up and brighten that area to create interest. Do that with Velvia!!!! ;)
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  7. First off awesome shot matey, absolutely nothing to be annoyed about with capturing that.

    I think everyone has covered it so far that the foreground could do with a slight 'crop & pop' to bring out the detail in the rocks whilst making the background a little more prominent.

    I don't know what the shooting situation was like and how restricted you were with movement, but personally I would like to have seen it shot a little further to the left pushing the central rock a little off centre to the right. With it's current position I just find myself drawn back to that rock rather than the amazing colours you've managed to capture in the mountains and clouds. I think that crop & pop would help a little with that though.

    Again all personal opinion on a subjective art, but the shot is still one to be proud of and print out as Adam says.
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    Cheers for the input chaps and I think you've all described what I was unable to do!

    In terms of the composition I was concentrating on the curve that starts at the bottom right, to the far left frame and then continues to the right, through the ridge line and the clouds at the top edge of the frame. That kind of left that central rock as a necessary evil that couldn't really be moved. Of course, I could have stood somewhere else!

    I'll have a re-work on the foreground and post that up once it's done as I think you're all right, that's the bit that's been bugging me the most.

    All I all, from only 2 full days shooting up there I ended up with 25 shots I was reasonably happy with so I'll settle for that kind of return!

    Cheers again :)
  9. OK, so here's a re-worked version for your delectation and delight......

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  10. That's the shot! The crop and the foreground brightness lift work much better for me. And the foreground processing retains a natural look as well.
  11. ruined it.

    the first one is a solid 1 out of 10 better than the crop - IMHO
  12. I'm not entirely sure that you can stick "IMHO" on the end of any sentence that starts with "Ruined it." You do know what the "H" stands for, right? Also what the hecky thump do you mean by a solid 1 out of 10 better? 10% better than the cropped image?

    For the record, I really like the original image but agree with most of what's been said about your dark bottom. I feel that the crop has lopped a bit too much off the that bottom and it feels a little unbalanced and it's a shame to lose the texture of those ridged rocks, I'd really like to see it with the work you've done on the edit to lighten the rocks, but on an uncropped image. IMOSHO
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    Nope, the first one is better - slightly less exposed (which suits the subject) and the aerial perspective has suffered with the crop.
  14. I love the fact a single image can create such a debate! Interestingly enough, I had both versions printed the other day and the first one version came out better. It just seemed more balanced in a physical form, yet I prefer the balance of the 'enhanced' version on screen.
  15. H stands for hammertime right?

    Sure it was a drunken and crass comment, but Andy is too experienced and skillful to be put off by that.

    What does OSH stand for?
  16. Oh So Humble?

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