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    Anyone been using it? Seeing it's the only music streaming service in Japan, I was eagerly awaiting this one.
    I quite like it and it found some of my obscure music that I found on grooveshark before it died an ugly death.
  2. I've signed up but not really had a chance to use it yet. When I have I found it had massive battery drain, which is a bit much for streaming audio.

    Although I have been sitting at work today listening to playlists on my phone and I like what they've done to the app to improve what you can do with playlists.

    Really note sure I would pay the £10 a month (or £15 if the wife wants it too) after the 3 months is up though, don't spend that much time listening to music as it is.
  3. Not tried it yet. Not really interested as I already have a Spotify subscription. I know they spent all that money on Beats to get this capability but it definitely has failed my "so what" test so far.
  4. theory of a deadman? really? i've heard people rate apple music saying it's good. tho i've not tried it via itunes and i don't think its on android yet.
    but i'll stick with spotify :p
  5. I use the one I get via Amazon Prime and have been pretty happy... As a self admitted Apple Fanboy I am interested in this, but one is free, and one is not...

  6. I think as a general rule Apple make great hardware (said he typing on a Macbook) and OSes but their services are pretty shoddy. Google, Spotify, Dropbox, even Adobe services knock Apple out of the park. And we can't even get Pandora in the UK.
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  7. So has anyone actually kept subscribing to this? I did but I'm now starting to see massive holes in the collection.

    We went for a drive and my daughter wanted to hear the Frozen soundtrack, nothing came up for it in English, but only the Japanese version (which my daughter doesn't know).
    It's also blanking lots of songs from certain albums too - but I understand this is a Spotify issue too. If Spotify was available here I'd use that, but it's not...
  8. Interesting. Is it a download issue? Most often with Spotify I can stream a song but not download it for offline use. Very few songs though have this limitation. Then there are some big bands who have not signed up, often rock bands like Metallica, ACDC, Led Zeppelin.

    I haven't tried this yet so it sounds a bit disappointing.
  9. Nope I turned off auto renewal and got the warning the day before so just left it. Yeah it was kinda handy to have and just play whatever I wanted and to play random playlists they suggested but both me and the wife have just gone back to using 8Tracks for playlists.

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