Aperture is dead :-( ...well maybe in a year or so when it gets replaced by something better

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  1. I may be something of a lone voice but I use Aperture as my main asset manager and for post production when I can be bothered. And now it is dead :-(

    I'll stay positive though based on this post from Joseph Linaschke.
  2. The good news for you is that Adobe are making it as easy as possible for you to move over the LR - do it.....
  3. I guess so. I don't really fancy paying over £100 a year for products I barely use though. I don't do a lot of post production and that tends to be on my iPad. I think I'll put my head in the sand and hope Apple fixes it with whatever Photos turns out to be.
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    Capitalist b*****d Obergruppenf√ľhrer Jobs. Just bend over and take it.
  5. It's precisely because I am a capitalist b*****d that I don't want to pay a subscription to the monopoly Adobe :)
  6. Yup, keep fighting for the plucky underdog, the global megacorp Apple :)

    I'm just bummed that I bought lightroom at the start of the year, if the creative cloud offering had been available then I would almost certainly have jumped in. Might do next year if the Lightroom improvements make it worthwhile. It's worth noting that the creative cloud is leaning heavily into tablet based editing as well.
  7. I hear you on the tablet stuff. To my best understanding though the workflow is the wrong way round for me. It has mobile in it but is not mobile first. I'm happy to be corrected on this but my understanding of the LR mobile workflow is:

    1. Shoot
    2. Go home and upload onto your main computer
    3. Nominate a collection to sync to your iPad
    4. Really cool step - non-destructive editing on iPad that syncs back to main computer

    Did I get that right? What I personally need is different...

    1. Shoot
    2. Upload to iPad whilst out and about - probably only JPEGs but maybe RAW files in a future universe
    3. Keyword and rate on the iPad
    4. Light non-destructive editing on the selects or possibly round-tripping to Snapseed, VSCO Cam etc
    5. Sync to main computer over wifi from anywhere e.g. holiday destination
    6. Get home from travels, main computer already has my ratings, keywords etc
    7. Upload to main computer the RAW files for all the jpegs already sync'd

    If mobile LR can do this then maybe I'll sign up! Anybody know?
  8. Yeah, as far as I understand it you have to have the images in your LR catalogue on your main machine before you can sync them to your iPad. I'm poor and unmoved by flashy marketing of overpriced electronics, so I don't have an iPad and may, therefore, be wrong.
  9. I guess it depends on your nature, but for me I only work on raw. I use the ipad only as a quick job when I have no time and that is when I am wifi-synced with an eyefi card. I use the ipad as a monitor, not as a editing device.

    While you Adobe may not be to your liking, getting photoshop and lightroom for the price is a pretty good deal. @IainK is right, you need to put photos into LR then select a folder to sync to the ipad. From there you can name categorise them etc etc. I had a quick go, it works ok, it renders on the preview file so it doesn't weigh down the ipad.

    The only other thing i can think of is to use a dropbox like service which can hold the files doing the changes. That way you can send the photos from you hols to your home instantly. Though remember, the ipad does not ever look at RAW files (outside of LR), snapseed and the rest are only liking jpg files. Therefore any work done on jpgs through your ipad are always destructive.

    If I'm going to be honest, it sounds like you make more work for yourself with these constraints. I had a similar issue in the past, as I wanted to edit pics on the fly. I went out and bought a laptop and a very good external and it solved ALL of my problems.
  10. Fair point on the laptop. I am typing this on a new MBP I had to get for work. I just didn't want to take it on holiday though and risk getting it stolen or full of sand/salt. My iPad mini has already been run over by a car so is less pristine :). And smaller.
  11. Have you thought about an MacBook Air? Very portable and certainly with the new SSD drives they have very little slowdown. My wife has one and I'm really impressed with it.
  12. Funny you should say that, my wife has one too, the current 11 inch with SSD. It's a great little thing. It might even fit in a hotel safe I suppose for holidays. I'll have a think about that.

    On the RAW point, most of my RAWs are film and I only get the jpegs. When I shoot digital though I always shoot RAW+JPEG so I have more control if I need it. Most often though the jpeg is ok for what I need. When it isn't I can reprocess it in camera for exposure changes etc.

    I can't imagine not shooting in RAW but it is rare I actually bother to use those files. I'm just fundamentally too lazy. I carry my Fuji X20, use the jpegs and be done with it.

    I expect I would be hung for heresy in some circles but composition, light, expression and laziness trump post processing every time. ;)

  14. RAW is for people who can't get it right first time ;)
  15. which is most people haha
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