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    ^ @Adam on the weekend trollololol

    If you follow us on twitter or facebook, I have been mentioning an announcement is inbound and so this is it.
    With myself and Adam being busy, it's been difficult to get podcasts made recently which is why they have been a bit sparse.

    So we have decided to open the podcast to our members to join either myself or Adam for a one-off show.

    We want people from this community to join in for an hour podcast.

    Who are we after?
    • People who want to talk about what photography stuff they have been working on. You don't have to be an expert! (I'm certainly not!)
    • People who can record on weekends and be a little flexible with the time (maybe in late evening or early morning because I'm stuck in Japan!).
    • Must have a half-decent microphone. You don't want to sound like you're on the toilet right?
    • You must have over 20 posts on the forum.
    • Sense of humour required.
    • Must have skype
    • Yes, of course I'll plug your website (within reason - I am the editing guy too har har)
    We can guide you through the process - it's just like talking down the pub with your mates about photo stuff!

    Want in?
    Just message me on the forums or send an email to and we can have a chat about the best time to podcast. I'm looking forward to chatting to some of the nutters on here!
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  2. I will also mention this on a mini podast announcement thingy later today/tomorrow
  3. I'd be up for this, no skype account but that can be easily rectified.
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  4. Having guested on another podcast before, I can highly recommend doing it as an experience.
    There are a lot of interesting posters on this forum, I'd love to hear some discussions from you!
  5. I shall be in touch soon!
    Indeed, and the main reason for the choice to do it.
  6. I have noticed a marked increase in podcast horing of late :whistling:

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