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Discussion in 'Technical threads' started by Ade, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Has anybody seen the trailers for Affinity Photo?

    It is supposed to be the new upcoming photoshop challenger written entirely in the 21st century rather than holding a load of legacy code. The video certainly looks impressive.
  2. Mon Dieu, that looks amazing.

    So you just select areas to sort out and it instantly knows what you want to do and does it?

    P45 for @Chris ;)
  3. So I've been beta testing this for a while and to be honest on paper it looks good though in reality I found it a head scratching experience.

    It looks like Painter but it acts like something else and seeing there are very little tutorials out there I was perplexed as to how some of it works. I found some stuff just locked up and I had no idea why.

    It also crashed every ten minutes I used it, so in the end I walked away with a bitter taste in my mouth.

    I'm not readying my p45 yet!

    Do they still call them p45s???
  4. Oh, it's for macs.

    *Walks off whistling*
  5. I think with the exchange rate they are P45,000s in your 'hood. Shame it doesn't work too well. It is beta thoughI suppose. The bit that really intrigues me in the video is what appears to be a 3D light rendering on a model that you can just move around. How do they do that on a 2D image?

    I might buy it for that alone. Working on light in post is something I really need to improve at.
  6. i'll give it a whirl, its been a long while since i used any serif software
  7. I got a mail today - this is almost ready for release. looks like it's RC-1. So maybe a few weeks it'll be on the app store

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