A skirmish in the Woods

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  1. As I strolled through the woods last Sunday I happened upon a civil war re-enactment group (as you do).
    These are some of the pics with not too much modern day clutter in the background.
    I have had a go at trying to make them look all olden dayish but ended up with slightly tacky results.
    So if anyone has the time to fiddle about, please pick a pic and show what you can do.
    Big kisses Small J.

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  2. I was going to get an early night and you ruined that plan :) A very quick dick in silver efex, dunno if this is what you're after, or if this is the tacky overkill, but these were my two fave shots - some great characters you've captured there @Jax - the guy on the left hand end of the lineup is the best.
    Jax1.jpg Jax1-2.jpg
  3. I played a little with one too... Pretty neat looking deal you came across there :)

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  5. I don't like to OMG but OMG!
    These are amazing. I had a nasty sepia thing going on so thanks to your inspiration @Adam & @moroseduck I will have another look.
  6. As you can see, both @Adam and I headed towards those kinds of tints as well, but if you check out the original photo's you'll see that really wasn't the case (neither was the over aggressive vignetting I went for). Even back then they took way better pictures than I ever will :)
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  7. And all without Blackrapid straps, Crumpler bags and Elements or lightroom. How did they do it?
  8. They sold their souls to Satan. It's the only answer I'm prepared to accept. Wish that guy would make an offer on mine.
  9. As you wish but as you have led a blameless life I can't offer more than 10 groats [not goats]
  10. tsk - nef files
  11. See, I told everyone that guys death wasn't my fault, but would they believe me? Oh no. You push a guy off a cliff as a joke and everyone flips their wig.
  12. Did he have a seagull on his head? then it would be a joke!
  13. No, but his name was Doug and I used a spade to push him off, so, you know.

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