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  1. I just thought I'd add a few pics from Singapore that I've gone through, most are on my flickr page but I thought I'd add them here as well. I've been wanting to try a few digital styles for a while so I thought I'd do it on here. I think though that if you mess with photos too much these days people just assume you take them with your phone and slap them into instagram. :(


    Tokyo has recently opened its local airport to international flights, meaning that it's pretty easy to get to other places in Asia without having to travel to the main Narita airport in another prefecture.

    The weather wasn't kind at all to us and so I thought I should rather play on it that trying to hide it in my editing.


    I call this one 'batmanesque'


    Due to the various religions in Singapore, I managed to see a mosque, a Christian church, and several Hindu temples.


    At night they light up the marina area with some seriously good lasers - a very impressive show and kind of reminded me of Disneyland haha.


    A close up of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The architecture here was top-notch!


    I can't go to Singapore and not take a pic of the Merlion!


    The Marina Bay Sands Hotel again. The top of the top-like top has two bars and a huuuge swimming pool for guests.


    I don't know why there was a sculpture of a little kid on a some metal, but it seemed pretty cool.


    The theatre by the bay is also known as the Durian - due to it looking like the fruit
  2. Great shots man... Really like them. Looks like a cool place to visit. That night shot of the marina is amazing!

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  3. I agree and the thing was when going through the photos initially it didn't jump out at me because it didn't have all of the hotel in it, but them I started to like it for that reason.
  4. The 6th (the hotel) and the last shot are my faves.
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  5. I love the pictures, SIngapore is a pretty crazy place - as you said there's such a mixture of styles in one place that it's a photographers paradise.
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  6. OMG! I just made the connection that this is the same boat shaped hotel that is in your photo! Couple of thoughts that come to mind...

    1. I want to swim in that
    2. GoPro!
    3. Them dudes are nuts!
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  7. Wonder how many GoPros they used to do that?
  8. I'd love to do that. It's cool that they allowed base jumpers to do it. Normally its pretty frowned upon
  9. That's awesome! I'd love to have a swim up there. Base jumping is a few steps too far in the adrenaline department for me though. Is it me though, or are the knee pads surplus to requirements? Not sure they'd make much difference in an accident!
  10. Think they're just in case of a bad landing ie onto a hard road surface. Never had a chance to do base jumping, my heart races even at the thought of it (in a good way) but not much time to think about deploying the parachute, unlike from 10,000 feet on a skydive. Now everyone should try that at somepoint in their lifetime.

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