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Discussion in 'Picture poster' started by Chris, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. A few shots from around Japan that I took recently and I spoke about them on the podcast

    CFB_2468-Edit.jpg CFB_2212-Edit-3.jpg CFB_2157-Edit.jpg

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  2. Beautiful set of pictures dude, the first one was well worth the early start and the colour and framing in the other Mt Fuji shots is superb.

    I love the building, what the hell is it? I mean other than really really old.
  3. Great photos and the first one especially! I love misty landscapes but never get up early enough myself. Good effort got you a great result!

    Screenshot from Tomb Raider?
  4. nah, I took took this where tomb raider was filmed. This was before I got into cameras tho haha.

    @moroseduck So the place is in Nikko, 3 hrs north of Tokyo (not far from the nuclear disaster)- it's one of the best sets of remaining temples in Japan and has unesco status (which may be pulled next year). Most people visit the main templates but I also like the surrounding area. This place was actually behind some trees by the toilets. It doesn't lead anywhere right now, but I think back in the day this was an entryway to a temple - Buddhism and shinto all tend to have these gates as an entryway to the Gods. Or it lead to a personal burial area back in the day but behind the door is an empty area. Cool though huh

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