1. Okay so here's a question for everybody that would like to pitch in. Except @Ade, for reasons you'll understand...
    Home dev, in a tank - patterson and the like for example. Instructions for whatever your hyperphetical film say "invert once, every thirty seconds."

    I would like to know what all of you guys would describes as 'one agitation'...

    I have my own thoughts and ways but am interested in the ways of others.

  2. I would consider it flipping it down and then back up once.

    I'm going to avoid the wanking jokes lol
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  3. If it says agitate every X seconds I would either invert in the figure 8 style twice, or use me twizzler for 10 seconds (fnar fnar). I tend to use the twizzler for black and white. I lost the piece of paper which held complicated agitation routine for my c41 kit so now it's 30 seconds then every 30 seconds (I think), and I agitate it fairly vigorously.
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  4. Our Paterson tank tends to drip if I invert it, so I also prefer the twizzler except for the inversions halfway through a session of semi-stand developing, and in that case I just make sure to have a paper towel handy. I count over and back as one inversion (and do three, in that example). I haven't tried the figure eight thing, just came across a reference to it in a book the last couple of days in fact.
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