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  1. Hi all,

    Today is new assignment day and we are now looking at ways to make it easier and more interesting to do assignments.

    The forum will no longer be used to display the photos for voting on. Instead, the gallery will serve as the place to upload and vote on each other’s photos.

    Automated, so Chris doesn’t forget.

    We all know that the reason these things are a mess is because they are done by hand, by me. So I’m automating the process.

    Seeing that we are not having too many entries each month – we will move to a monthly schedule.

    The forum will auto generate a monthly folder in the gallery, and you can upload all of your pictures into that folder. There is no limit to how many to submit, however, you limitations are 10 pics in one go with up to 800kb file size for each one.


    You have 20 days to upload your photos, at which point the album will close and it will open for voting for the next 10 days (roughly making a 1 month cycle.)

    Voting is done via pressing the voting icon. This icon will only appear on the 20th of each month

    The person who has received the most amount of votes will be highlighted by the server and will publish the results on our forums.

    Winners will have their media tagged, and also the user’s credentials will also have an icon showing the win.

    Any questions?
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  2. will it be one vote per person or multiple like it's always been?
  3. It will be multiple votes like usual as far as I know, I'll have to do a test.
  4. OK, think I got it.
  5. Yep, image uploaded and it is registered as me so all good I think.
  6. How do we add photo's to the gallery from flickr? I've tried using the upload from URL but I must be doing something dumb. Give me a year and I'll have my head round the new system.
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  7. I think it's because flickr hides the .jpg in the url of the file. You need to have that full path for it to work. e.g. on the share button, you can click html and see the full path of the jpg

    <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/crazyfruitbat/17768923386" title="Stepbystep-79.jpg by Chris Gilloch, on Flickr"><img src="https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8778/17768923386_8599c4853a_z.jpg" width="427" height="640" alt="Stepbystep-79.jpg"></a>

    alternatively, just upload the image directly. You have up to 800kb per file
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  8. Awesome, thanks dude. Now I know how to use it I think this system is a definite improvement, and it will definitely get more eyes on the images in the gallery - really enjoying @Chris's latest wimages (that is now added to the permanent dictionary of photography; Wimages - images of women").
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  9. Hi @Chris. I see there is a new "media of the month" folder. Will you post about the theme? According to the previous post months ago I think it should be "eyes" as the theme now?
  10. Yes - you are right. I waited an extra evening because the server should have made a post with the last winner, which didn't happen. This has really pissed me off! I will sort the eyes one out tonight and work out what the hell happened to the other one.
  11. Ah, there it is!
  12. I think I did it? Not 100% if I am just to dumb, drunk, or a good combo of both... but I think I submitted a photo! lol

    Love the idea of automating the system... It is/was a lot of manual work the old way... Nicely done Chris!

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  13. Luck more than anything. Someone made an app and so I bought it, until now it just didn't exist
  14. Godammit, flickr has obfuscated access to the image url's completely now, so it seems impossible to share pictures from flickr to the assignment. This is a massive pain in my butt - I just ended up uploading an image from my phone to flickr, failing to link from that, trying to upload straight from my from to the website, but the image is too large, so then downloading from flickr to my pc, then back up to Pixelated.


    And after all that it's a real shitty mobile picture as well. Turns out phones aren't the best for taking panning shots.
  15. how are you trying to like them? The BB code should work - or probably the direct url. Let me test.
  16. @moroseduck yeah - just click video icon and paste the url in
  17. I'm still really struggling with this, both trying to share from Flickr and Smugmug, keep getting invalid extension and not a media site URL errors. Managed to strip the URL out of the BBCode in the end from smugmug, but what a pain in the butt.

    I even tried clicking the "Share this" link in the media section, and then seeing if it would accept that. It wouldn't.

    Is stripping out the URL the only way to post images from other sites or am I just continuing to be super dumb.
  18. You are thinking too complicated.
    Go to the flickr page, copy that URL. On the toolbar here click the little video icon and paste the URL in there, that's it.
    Not tried smug mug tho!
  19. It's not posting in the forums, it's posting for the assignments in the media section that's causing me issues. No problem posting on here using BBcode.
  20. Ahhh ok - now I get you.
    The media section files are all hosted here rather than embedding as they have to be linked the database to work. But there is a workaround.
    On flickr, visit the download page for the image - this is the furthest right icon. Hit 'view all sizes'
    Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 11.56.40 PM.png

    Then after that you should get to a page like this (sorry I have to do it like this or it auto converts the url):
    On that page you can right click and 'copy image URL'. Paste that URL into the 'Upload an image from a URL' box and that should do the trick

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